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Chocolate the fourteenth - an orgy - The Crackfiction of MaKaeru [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Chocolate the fourteenth - an orgy [Jun. 20th, 2007|12:15 pm]


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Title: New Year at the onsen
Pairing: K8 orgy
Rating: NC-17
Notes: This is roughly seven and a half thousand words long. When I started it, it was January, ergo the whole new year thing.

Yasuda smiled to himself as he watched all his friends around him. It was New Year’s Day and they had nothing to do but relax. They were still in Tokyo after the countdown, and with a bit of pleading and almost bribery, they’d convinced their manager to book them into an onsen resort for the night. And what a lovely resort he’d got them. They were all in a private bungalow, surrounded by trees that Shota imagined would have been quite verdant in the summertime.

They’d found a little shrine nearby, and had visited it to pray for the New Year. The elderly couple that maintained it had seemed so pleased to receive visitors that they gave Maru, who was born in the year of the boar, an omamori with an embroidered boar on it. Subaru had bought Yasu an omamori too; a little enameled bell that he could hang on his phone.

The bell tinkled musically as they walked back to their bungalow. The weak winter sun filtered through the bare trees, lighting the path in soft, slatted grey. Yoko led the way, anxious to try out the resort’s supposed all-you-can-eat, but not quite anxious enough for him to speed up his pace. Hina and Maru followed, deep in muted conversation. Just behind them were Ohkura and Ryo, the drummer’s arm slung casually around the singer’s waist as they whispered sweet nothings. Tailing the procession were Yasuda and Subaru, hands linked and words unnecessary.

Their cottage was surprisingly warm for its construction. Maru explained that it was because there were pipes channelling the hot spring water under the floor, to double as heating. It was all one big tatami room, with a veranda on one side that was another half as big as the room. The veranda also led off to the toilet, which Yoko had immediately whined about, and how he’d have to go outside in the cold, but was promptly silenced by a reminder of the time he’d drunkenly stumbled into the futon cupboard, mistaking that door for the bathroom, and Hina had only just caught him in time.

Yoko and Hina almost immediately set out again after they’d arrived back at the room, to go get some alcohol and investigate their options for dinner that night. In another act of generosity, the manager had left them a contribution to their food and drink in the form of an otoshidama, and a note asking that they please behave accordingly to the fact he’d managed to find them a secluded room, which was his cryptic way of telling them to go crazy; they’d earned it for their past year of hard work.

“So what shall we do now?” Maru asked, setting the note down after having carefully reread it three times to make sure that was what it had implied.

“Should we check out the onsen?” Yasu spoke up. “Or should we wait for Yoko and Hina to get back?”

“Nah, we’ll wait.” Subaru answered. “Why don’t we make the beds? Ryo, Ohkura, get up. You’ll be far more comfortable making out on beds than the floor.”

The young couple rolled over and looked a little guilty. Mentally Ohkura blamed Ryo for them being found out, because Ryo made all those cute little chuckling noises.

They found the futon cupboard and dragged out all eight of the mattresses, turning the half of the room away from the veranda into a potential love nest. There was no great order to the way they spread out the quilts, which was a peremptory move based on their history of waking up in no great order. Maru located the yukata box and pulled out enough of them for the group, a quick tinge of sadness pricking him as he left a spare in the box.

Yasu found himself receiving help undressing that he hadn’t even realised he needed. He lightly slapped Subaru’s hands away and finished undressing himself. As he pulled his yukata on, he glimpsed Ohkura and Ryo undressing each other, and Subaru trying to help Maru, while himself running around with his yukata wide open.

Yoko and Hina arrived back soon after, bearing enough alcohol to sink a small battleship and the news that their dinner would be brought to the room at seven, whether they were there or not. They decided it’d be better if they weren’t there, so they could avoid questioning looks about the giant orgy it looked like they were going to have. The other two Ossans quickly changed into their yukatas, told Subaru to get dressed properly, and led everyone down to the private onsen.

There were only two showers for the onsen, so instead of arguing over them, they filled some buckets and all washed themselves out of those. Shota found out it took three people to wash his back. One to scream
“He’s my boyfriend, no touching!”, one to wrestle Subaru away, and one to actually wash his back. Luckily it was Hina that had wrestled Subaru off, and the singer calmed down the instant he realised it was Shingo’s (naked!) muscled torso he was pressed up against.

Somehow they all managed to get clean without, for once, playing dirty. At one point they’d even managed to get a circle happening, where they all washed each others’ backs. There had only been one other incident in which Shota had dropped the soap, but it was resolved when the resulting rush caused all six of his potential attackers to bump into each other and trip.

The water was excellent when they got in. Almost orgasmically so, it would have seemed. Ryo made that noise that was typically reserved only for Ohkura and anyone that managed to touch his ears. Hina could have sworn he heard every joint in his back click back into the place as the heat relaxed his spinal support muscles, undoing months of tension in mere seconds. Yoko almost fell asleep the moment he reclined. Ohkura spread out as he relaxed, lanky limbs taking up a good portion of the available arm rest space. Maru decided he wouldn't even be able to PAN! if he tried. Subaru enjoyed the feel of the water so much that it took him the better part of an hour to remember it was his boyfriendly duty to grope Yasu in public. As for Yasu, well he forgot to avoid Subaru groping him in public. His piercing shriek as Subaru tried to push a finger inside him woke everyone else up from their relaxed stupors. A decision was made to head back to the room and see if their food had been delivered yet. Based on Hina's watch and the typical punctuality of Japanese service people, it should have been. Yukatas were tied loosely and hands were linked.

Sure enough, their food had arrived by the time they were back. An impressive spread lay before them, carrying an all manner of seafood and beef and other meats (coupled with a little hotplate to cook them on), at least six kinds of sauce for dipping and drizzling, and an assortment of fruit that could have impressed even someone that lived on a tropical island. Ryo was immediately put to work cooking the meat, because, according to Subaru,
"Girls belong in the kitchen."
This statement was met with a bemused nod by Ohkura, a reminder from Shota as to exactly who was the girl in bed, Subaru, you flaming uke, and Yoko's jaw dropping, despite having been made aware of the sexual hierarchy of his two fellow band members on many occasions previously. Subaru decided, at this point, to take a piece of meat off Ryo, place it in Yoko's mouth, close Yoko's mouth, and seal it closed with a light kiss, hand still resting on Yoko's jaw and fingers doing some light teasing that eventually forced the eldest to push the second oldest off.

"This meat tastes good." Yoko commented after he'd swallowed.

"So does mine." Subaru informed him from the floor, where he'd landed after being pushed.

Shota decided to nod, before spacing out with what were obviously happy memories of how good Subaru's meat tasted.

Ohkura had stolen a piece of meat and decided Ryo could have a taste from the secondary source, and when Kimi noticed Ryo was kissing, not cooking, screaming resulted. First from Kimi, and then from Ryo when he splashed a miniscule and not really noteworthy drop of boiling oil on himself trying to escape the eldest's attack. Naturally Ohkura was there with a healing, cooling tongue in seconds, kissing Ryo's inner thigh better while Ryo weakly complained that it was his arm that had been hit.

Maru jumped in at this point, ignoring his first instinct (which had been to actually kiss Ryo's arm better) and acting on his second (to save the meat that was cooking). Hina decided they needed beer at this point, so they could at least pretend it was the alcohol that was making them act like this. Everyone else got their beer handed to them or placed neatly by their side. Ryo and Ohkura got two cold cans thrust between their overly feverish-with-the-lust-of-youth bodies, which resulted in two satisfying yelps and the immediate parting of their lips. And other body parts rhyming with lips.

By the time all the meat had cooked, the first round of beers was gone and several members were quite obviously tipsy. More beer was brought, and the food didn't even last as long as that. Shota's ability to speak Japanese coherently didn't last much longer either, and he start confusing consonants that didn't sound anything like each other with even greater frequency than usual. Everyone was particularly amused when he confused "yatte" with "yamete", before they began to wonder if it wasn't actually a mistake and he did want the entire group to stop tickling him and start having sex with him. It made perfect sense in their alcohol-muddled minds, really. Shota was moaning too, which was clearly his attempt to incite them all to ravaging him.

Subaru decided, at this point, that he wasn't in control enough and it was time to play the King's game. Clean chopsticks and a pen were quickly found and the numbers one through six were marked respectively on six chopsticks. A crown (which looked much more like Mike "busaiku" Smith's face, according to Kimi) was drawn on a seventh before all the chopsticks were placed writing-down in a cup. Each member secretively took a stick and inspected their logo.

"SIX, KISS ME!" Subaru demanded, before Hina thwacked him and revealed he had the crown.

"But Shota's six..." the singer moaned, sitting back down.

"But you kiss him all the time, anyway." Hina reminded him. Perhaps more physically than verbally.

Hina caught a glimpse of Subaru's chopstick and saw that it was three. In a deliberate act of meanness, he declared that...Two should undo Six's obi.

Subaru's jaw dropped audibly in protest, however he failed to officially voice his protest so he was forced to watch Ryo undo his lover's obi...with his teeth. That was so not in the rules.

But it was kinda hot.

Subaru snatched the cup up and shoved his chopstick into it, indicating everyone else should do the same or he was going to get angry.

By pure luck, when King Ryo told Four to kiss Two (properly. Like, with tongue and groping), it was Yasu that found himself pinned beneath a very frisky Ohkura. Subaru made some noise in the back of his throat and thrust the cup out again. By decree of King Maru, Three had to scull a whole can of beer. Months of practice with Subaru had killed off most of Shota's gag reflexes and the small guitarist completed this task with ease. Yasu's head lolled as the alcohol seeped into his system, dragging his yukata just a little further open and making Subaru sit bolt upright. And when King Maru gingerly suggested One take off an item of Five's clothing, and Yoko found there was only one item left to take off Shota, Subaru decided the rules could go fuck themselves and lunged across the circle to take Shota's lips in a ravaging kiss.

Everyone let the couple have their moment of special time before Hina dragged Subaru back to his seat and told him to play by the rules, and Shota to hide his number better so people stopped picking on him so much. Subaru, deciding it was all a conspiracy against him, stood up and declared that no one except him was allowed to touch, grope, fondle, kiss, or do anything else inappropriate to his Shochan. And then for some reason Hina was nibbling on his collarbone and Subaru decided fuck it, everyone ignore all he just said but please let him have some action too. Like - oh god Hina - this. This was good.

In the next round, Subaru finally pulled the king stick out of the cup. After a brief enquiry as to what alcohol Hina and Yoko brought back with them, Subaru declared everyone had to take a shot of sake. This was met with dubious looks, but ultimate obedience. Subaru took a shot too, just because he could. Or maybe because everyone glared at him after they'd taken their shots and he felt obliged. The face he made as he swallowed was obviously quite comical, because Shota laughed, pointed, and fell over backwards, inadvertently giving everyone a good look at a certain orifice they were all likely to get more familiar with later.

Several more rounds were played, leaving everyone in the group naked, Maru with his hands bound to his ankles using his obi, Ryo with banana on his face (he'd had to eat it with no hands), Yoko with banana on his face (he'd had to feed it to Ryo with no hands), Subaru with a love bite in a very obscure place, courtesy of Ohkura's mouth and Ryo's sadistic streak, and everyone a little more drunk.

"Hey look guys!" Hina exclaimed as he crawled over to the alcohol stash to retrieve more beer under order of King Yoko. "Tequila."

"Oh no." Someone said.

"Can I be untied yet?" Maru asked.

"There's only one way to drink tequila." Ohkura informed them, standing up and swaggering over to Hina to take the bottle. "And that's...come here Ryo."

Ryo obediently wormed over to Ohkura's leg and hugged it. The drummer knelt down and laid Ryo out on his stomach. The raven-haired boy laughed that shy, uneasy laugh he usually did when he was experiencing some sort of anxious expectation. Ohkura traced the dip of Ryo's spine with a long, languid finger before opening the bottle and pouring some of it into the shallow groove. He then knelt over Ryo on all fours and licked the trail of alcohol up, from tailbone to neck. Ryo visibly shivered and audibly moaned.

"Body shots!"

"Can I please be untied?"

"I want to try!"

This last voice was Subaru's, and it was accompanied by dragging his unsteady boyfriend to the ground, laying him out as Ryo had been, slopping a whole lot of alcohol on his back (and licking it up really quickly to prevent loss), before he got it right. Yasu found no need to limit neither the length nor volume of his moans as Subaru's tongue traced the entire length of his spine in what was one long minute of ecstasy for the young guitarist.

And then, everyone had to try. Even Maru, who somehow managed to traverse the room and land himself on top of Shota. He had to be untied then, because there was no other way they were going to be able to get him off Yasuda, and not everyone had had a turn yet.

After a few minutes, Ryo decided he was bored with everyone else drinking and him just being the cup. He let his lover take one last shot off him and stood up. Snatching the bottle from a surprised Yoko's hands, he took a large gulp. He then noticed Shota looking at him and dragged the ever-so-slightly-older boy up for a kiss so he could taste what he'd been missing out on. There was shock on Shota's face after the brief initial kiss, but that quickly melted into alcohol-fortified lust and he kissed Ryo back. To his further surprise, Ryo pulled back this time. The younger male's motives became clear when he took a largish swig of the tequila he was still holding and, without swallowing, kissed Shota.

Subaru had been thinking about attempting to claim his boyfriend back, but...this was hot. He had always enjoyed the fervour with which Shota kissed, and being able to watch it from a third person perspective was a whole new and almost religious experience. It certainly had him on his knees mumbling

And then that switch inside Yasu was magically switched on and he started to try and dominate the younger male. Five pairs of eyes were fixed very keenly on Ryo and Shota as they dropped to the floor, mouths still connected, arms around each other and a certain motion to their hips implied they were both looking for some friction. And certainly, everyone else in the room was having a very similar physiological reaction. However, the sight before them proved to be too addictive for anything but their full attention.

Shota decided he'd had enough of tasting Ryo's mouth and wanted to try other parts of him too. First he bent down to suckle on the now supine boy's earlobes, as it was no secret the noises Ryo made when his ears were toyed with. And if it had been a secret, it certainly was now as Ryo let out a note that Subaru felt very proud of him for being able to hold. Next Ryo's collarbone got a harsh nip that had him writhing and everyone else drooling. And when Shota got to his sizeable erection, Ryo sat bolt upright, grabbed Shota's back and twisted him around so they could 69. Shota, of course, didn't mind this in the slightest. Neither did the five spectators whose jaws were now figuratively scraping the tatami.

Someone had been a little overzealous when pouring their tequila shot onto Yasu, and Ryo found himself licking up along the trail the liquor had left between his legs, tilting Shota up when his tongue couldn't reach any further. The younger one realised at some point that Shota was sitting on his face and he was just about giving him a rim job, so Ryo thought fuck it and decided to do it properly. Yasuda howled in pure ecstasy as Ryo's tongue moved in an intimation of what another part of his anatomy might have liked to have done if Ryo weren't so flaming uke.

Speaking of Ryo being uke, Ohkura decided he'd had quite enough of watching...no, not really, he could watch this for hours...but certainly not enough of doing. Running in the awkward fashion a male does when his circulatory system has almost entirely redirected itself to his crotch, Ohkura fished a tube of lubricant out of his bag and ran back to occupy the space between Ryo's legs. Slathering himself with extra lube to make up for a complete lack of preparation, he drove himself deep into his lover. Some sort of chain reaction followed whereby Ryo reflexively bit the sensitive skin around Shota's hole, Shota screamed (or moaned very loudly in an extraordinarily high pitch for someone his gender), and Subaru was broken from his trance and decided to shove his cock down his boyfriend's compliant throat.

This then created a problem for Ohkura, as with Subaru's arse waving in his face he could see neither his boyfriend's naked torso nor the adorable face of the guitarist twisted in the throes of ecstasy. He must have been truly in a voyeuristic mood, because he pulled out of Ryo - passing the honour of fucking him on to a very keen (despite his embarrassment) Yoko - and sat to the side to watch.

It was at this point the most orgasmic moan that had been produced yet sounded from the corner of the room they'd least expected. Everyone stopped what they were doing and turned to look at Maru, who was now sitting in Hina's lap, legs hooked over the dancer's and spread wide, and getting what was evidentially a very pleasant hand job.

Yoko shrugged.

"Hina has got lovely fingers."

Maru's buttcheeks were twitching in a way indicative that he would like something long, hard and probably belonging to Murakami between them, and Ohkura (not being otherwise occupied) went to hand the pair some lube. Perhaps Ryo and Ohkura's libido was a little too high, as Shingo could squeeze barely three drops from the tube. Subaru announced that he -ungh- had -yes Sho, exactly like that- more, in the -oh god- pocket of his -yes...!- bag. All eyes were on the youngest as he desperately rifled through Subaru's bag, dislodging a lesbian porno mag, a framed photo of Taeko-mama, a maccha melon pan, and finally a vibrator before he reached his goal of lube. All eyes then fell on the vibrator.

Maru then forgot tact.

"I don't like that one that much." He told his band mates. "It's too smooth and it could probably do with a bit of a curve for better prostate stimulation."

Maruyama Ryuhei, who liked pudding and small children and had never had a girlfriend, talking with experience on the subject of vibrators did not go unnoticed by the other six occupants of the room.

"So did you get a better one then?" Asked Subaru, tone curious and disarmingly innocent.


"And do you have it with you?"

"Uh-huh. It's in my toiletries bag."

"Can you show it to us?"

"Sure." The bassist nodded cheerfully and wobbled over to his bag, rifling through it til he produced a curved, beaded wand, about six inches long and made of shiny black plastic. Another brief look through his bag yielded the remote. He handed the toy gingerly to Subaru and pressed the button. Shota, who still held the head of Subaru's cock between his lips, looked up and smiled around the obstruction.

"See?" Maru said helpfully, turning the thing back off.

"No..." Subaru gently corrected him, placing the stilled toy back in the bassist's hands. "Show it to us properly, show us how you use it."

For the first time since he'd brought the subject up, Ryuhei began to feel a little dubious about it.

Everyone broke from their positions and sat on the floor in a semicircle around Hina, who was serving once more as a chair for Maru. Maru smiled shyly at his audience and whispered
"Yoroshiku onegaishimasu" because he'd seen porn and that's what they did in it. He wriggled forward a little so he could lean back more into the dancer and shifted his legs til they were as wide as he was flexible and comfortable. Nervously, he poured a little lube on his hand and rubbed it onto the toy like some imitation of a hand job. And then slowly, very slowly, he pushed the first round bead into himself, biting his lip in a way he probably didn't realise was as sexy as the others found it. His eyes fluttered shut as the next bead slid in, and Subaru took the opportunity to steal the remote and turn the toy on.

Maru moaned the way only he could, throwing his head back and reflexively shoving the toy's entire length up into himself. Maru thought he'd need a little time to adjust. Hina thought he'd need a little encouragement. Spreading one broad hand across the bassist's, he gently forced the toy in and out of the younger male, breathing heavily into his ear in what he hoped was a sensual way and splaying his free hand across Ryuhei's torso to tease dark little hardened nipples and a perfectly edible stomach. Ryuhei's moans only got louder as Shingo left him to do the thrusting by himself and resumed the earlier hand job. And when Subaru found the 'increase speed' button, tears began to form in the bassist's eyes. It was the pulse button, however, that brought the orange ranger to a very messy climax all over his not-any-less-lickable torso (demonstrated when Subaru, after politely turning the vibe off, crawled over and licked him clean).

"I think he's ready for you now." Subaru told Hina, helping the next youngest to lift the next youngest -who was practically boneless post-orgasm- up and onto Hina's bone. A shudder rolled along the bassist's spine as he was filled by what Yoko had accurately described on radio as a considerably large penis. Maru did still seem quite out of it though, so Subaru tried poking him in the face a bit with his erection until some subconscious part of Maru stirred and he took the irritant in his mouth.

Ohkura decided that with Subaru otherwise engaged, he might have a turn with the small guitarist. First he lay Shota down on one of the beds and told him not to move. Next he headed over to his bag for some antibacterial wipes - it wasn't really fair to ask Shota to put it in his mouth after it had been where it had been inside Ryo. Lastly, he returned to the chirpy brunette, lying down and letting the guitarist crouch down over him and suck. Yoko and Ryo looked at each other, shrugged, and began making out on one of the beds. Naturally their hands were all over each other's bodies, because that's what you did when you were drunk, naked and horny.

Subaru was not known for his attention span, and despite the quite excellent blow job Maru was giving him, his eyes began to wander around the room. Not much of his boyfriend's face was visible owing to it being buried in Ohkura's crotch, and as for Ohkura, well, his face was a mask of euphoria. Yoko and Ryo were seemingly exploring each other's bodies with almost scientific meticulousness. Then he noticed something sticking out of Ohkura's bag, and pulled out of Maru's mouth (sealing it with a light peck that promised his return) to investigate.

He found a large vibrating bullet, a cock ring, a pair of hand cuffs, and a pair of drumsticks that looked as though they perhaps hadn't been used for banging drums lately. But certainly banging something, and by something it most likely meant Ryo. Subaru left those behind and took the first three items over to where all the action was happening, dumping them on the floor.

"We have to use these." He told everyone.

When no one payed attention, he went over to Ohkura and dragged his boyfriend off him.

"Tacchon, you had toys in your bag. You have to play with them."


Ohkura was clearly very close to orgasm and not very mentally coherent. Subaru decided his own vibrator would be better to use on him, as, like Maru had said, it didn't directly stimulate the prostate and hence took a little bit longer to bring someone to orgasm.

"Ooh!" Ryo peeled himself of Yoko and crawled over. "I want to fuck Tastuyoshi with the toy for once."

"Um, Subaru..." Hina called out hesitantly. "Doesn't that mean you'd have to use your toys too?"

"Yes." Subaru answered sweetly. "I think I shall use them...on you, Hina-chan."

"Wait, why me?"

"Because I want to."

Subaru ran over to his bag and fetched his own vibrator, handing it to Ryo with a shy explanation of

"I'd like to try your bullet in Hina-chan...actually, all of your toys on Hina-chan."

Ryo nodded his consent and nestled himself between the still supine drummer's long legs, armed with the vibrator and the lubricant.

It was then that Ohkura decided to put up a bit of resistance, if for no other reason than to assert his dominance in the relationship. He flailed from side to side and screamed a bit. Of course, when Ryo started playing dirty, these screams entirely changed in nature. When Ryo finally managed to slip the smooth plastic shaft inside his young lover, the screams changed from
"AHH!" to "OOH!"
And when Ryo decided to further sooth his lover by giving him a nice bit of head, the
"OOH!" became "Ooh..." and soon after "Mmm..."

It was great fun for all involved. Hina especially was staring incredulously at the spectacle, and Subaru took the opportunity to enlist Yoko, Maru and his own dear Shota to hold the dancer down. Yoko was given the handcuffs to play with, and after an experiment in which he accidentally handcuffed one of the dancer's wrists to his own ankle, he get it right and connected Hina's wrists to each other. Yasu took a leg, seating himself in the crook of Murakami's ankle and grinding a bit for his own selfish purposes. Every few seconds he'd lean over and give Subaru a little kiss, which seemed to frustrate Shingo so much so that his melodramatised flailing became more in protest of Subaru and Shota's antics than his being held down. Maru rather sedately held the youngest Ossan's other ankle while all this happened, transfixed by the sight of someone he'd gladly roll onto his back for being rolled onto his back.

Ryo screamed rather loudly at that point, and everyone turned to watch the young couple for a few moments before Subaru slipped three inches of plastic-sheathed electronics into Shingo. Then Shingo screamed and all eyes were on him. Subaru, with all the consideration of someone who has much experience with toys, gave the dancer a few moments of respite (so he'd have a chance to genuinely protest the intrusion) before hitting the on button.

Hina moaned this time, loud and raw and enough to make Subaru consider asking he be given more solo parts. Subaru explored the remote a little. It had more buttons than Shota had mismatching outfits. Okay, maybe not that many, but still. A lot of buttons. Subaru pressed the one labelled 'pulse' and watched Hina's eyes flutter open and shut in synch, he soon realised, to the fluctuation of the vibrations inside him.

'Thrust' resulted in a satisfying stretch of Hina's voice, and presumably, a stretch of his hole too as another inch of the egg's retrieval cord disappeared inside him.

Subaru decided to have a little fun, and knelt down between the dancer's legs. He settled the remote on Hina's torso, fumbling a little in a poorly disguised attempt to grope the abs he thought should not be allowed any covering (unless it was a see-through, wet, white shirt, in which case Subaru approved whole-heartedly), watching the younger male's eyes fall desperately on the remote, because his hands could not reach it. Subaru wrapped one hand tightly around the base of Shingo's cock and began to felate his friend. Hina groaned and attempted to buck up a little and orgasm, but with his all three of his legs held tight, he could achieve this not.

"Fuck...aru...Fuck..." Hina breathed, voice straining deliciously against his captors.



"I don't think that was any language."


Subaru had never heard anyone pronounce as many little tsu's during sex before. Hina was really improving on his vocal work. The singer mashed the buttons on the remote for a bit and watched Hina throw some sort of fit.


"Do you want me to fuck you, is that what you're saying?"

Hina made eye contact with the wiry singer and nodded fiercely, desperate for something organic inside him.

"Well," Subaru suckled on Hina's frenulum as though it was helping him think, his spare hand now jerking intermittently on the chord of the vibrator, "I don't think I really feel like fucking you tonight..."


"Or are you saying Maru?" Subaru gave that frenulum another thoughtful lick, tracing a question mark with his tongue. "Ryu-chan, would you like to top Hina?"

There was a peculiar light in the bassist's eyes that suggested that he dreamed of nothing more than to fuck Shingo senseless, but he'd never admit it out loud because he was both shy and polite like that.

"Um." He squeaked. "...yes...?"

"Hina-chan~" Subaru sang as obnoxiously as he could. "Would you like Ryuhei's nice big cock inside you?"

Hina and Maru made eye contact for a second while Subaru watched, then they both turned to the singer and whispered, in varying degrees of comprehensibility,

Subaru nodded at Yoko (who'd been using Hina's hands to pleasure himself and giggling all the while), and he released Hina from the handcuffs (somehow deciding his ankles would be the best place to store them), stood up, tripped, and faceplanted into the futon. Yasu laughed that adorably girly high-pitched laugh and dove onto the mattress beside the eldest. When Yoko rolled over to see what the noise was, Yasu kissed him.

Subaru then yanked the vibrator out of the youngest Ossan and, realising he wasn't being held down, Hina became a blur of flesh that landed, impaled, on top of Maru. There were gaps all around, even from Ohkura and Ryo, despite their being oblivious to the rest of the orgy. Truth be told, Ohkura had just found the power boost button on Subaru's vibrator quite by accident at the same time, and the force had somehow conveyed itself upwards into the young singer.

This left Subaru at a loose end, and for once he didn't like it. He glanced over at where his boyfriend lay with the Yoko, and found Yasu was already spreading his legs for the eldest. Other people may have felt jealous, but not Subaru. He knew Shota had always had a bit of a thing for Yoko (well, Shota had a bit of a thing for everyone in the group, really, but let's not mention that), and Subaru honestly couldn't see the harm in letting the two blow off a little steam in a controlled environment. Sure a raving drunken orgy may not have been the most controlled circumstances, but still, it was all just a lot of fun.

Speaking of a bit of a thing... Subaru trundled up to the group's youngest couple and offered Ryo (read: poked Ryo in the face with) his erection. Ryo took it with barely an upwards glance at the older singer, and suddenly the Ossan knew why Ohkura'd been getting increasingly vocal in the (locked) showers. Some part of Subaru wondered how much Ryo could insure his mouth for, but another part of him told the first part that if it got damaged giving Subaru head, it would be Subaru responsible, and then a third part said shut up to the first two; Ryo's just deep throated you and is humming and you're probably going to come soon.

Yasu moaned raggedly as Yoko forced himself inside. It didn't really hurt the small guitarist that much, but the raw enthusiasm with which the eldest started thrusting into him was quite a change from the tender, loving way Subaru screwed him on the rare occasions the vocalist was seme. Shota thought it was rather a welcome change, actually, yet he stopped Yoko and gestured for him to pull out. Kimi was confused, but considering how rare the opportunity was to play with what was considered exclusively Subaru's toy, he wasn't going to do anything to break it. Or Shota, considering he was the toy.

Yoko's doubts were soon abated when Shota sat up and rolled over onto his hands and knees, crawling around in a semicircle until he was in a position that maximised both his view of the action, and the depths to which Kimi could pound him. Shota turned his head, smiled invitingly and wiggled his taut little bottom. Yoko didn't need a second invitation.

The first thrust knocked the air out of the young male. As did the second, but by the third he'd managed to shape an almost primal moan around it. Subaru made eye contact with him, and gave a pervy little half-smile. Ordinarily, Shota might have become embarrassed, but alcohol, especially in copious quantities, tended to bring out his exhibitionist qualities. The small guitarist groaned loudly and pressed hard backwards against his current partner, forcing Yoko to fuck him harder, and deeper, and it felt so good that Shota didn't even have to exaggerate his now ecstatic screams.

Subaru, of course, was not unaffected. With some difficulty, he pulled himself out of the eager mouth and told Ryo
"I want you to fuck me."

Ohkura stopped bucking into his older boyfriend and let him ask the question
"Are you sure? Don't you..." Ryo dropped his voice and looked Subaru, who had now knelt down, straight in the eye "...don't you bleed?"

This particular aspect of Subaru's fragility was well known within the group, so Subaru didn't bother with offence.

"Not if you're either small - which you're obviously not - or prepare me properly." Subaru had a determined light in his eyes as he passed Ryo the conveniently nearby tube of lubricant. "So you're going to have to prepare me really well."

Ryo nodded slowly. He climbed off the drummer and leaned forward to kiss Subaru. He took preparation seriously and believed it should be done holistically, with due care paid to every body part in which a feeling of pleasure could be evoked. Sensing the chance for a proper threesome, Ohkura crawled up to Ryo and draped his frame over the smaller male, letting his lips roam over Ryo's nape and his hands roam over Subaru's body.

On second thoughts, Ohkura pulled the toy out of himself, turned it off, and stuffed it under the mattress, out of sight of anyone else who might like to put it inside him, and then began to work on the two singers. Ryo had already driven Subaru down onto his back, and was alternately kissing and nibbling his clavicles in a way that caused Subaru to prove why he was the lead vocalist. Ryo's hands rested on Subaru's neck and left nipple, gently stroking and teasing respectively. Ohkura was far more practical, and while one hand was used for balance, the other was deep between the pair's bodies, stroking the two cocks together.

For this reason Ryo decided he needed to speed proceedings up. Sliding down Subaru's thin body, with hypocritical thoughts on Subaru's need to eat more, he began kissing the singer's lower abdomen and upper thighs, wet fingers beginning to probe the older male's entrance. One of Subaru's free hands found Ryo's and started to give the younger male helpful feedback; squeezing his hand tight when it hurt, relaxing his grip when it felt good.

The grip became increasingly slack. Ryo allowed himself a small smile into Subaru's leg as a third finger went in without protest. Having an absolute sook of a boyfriend had forced him to get really good at preparation, otherwise he never got his turn on top.

"Subaru..." Ryo whispered, kissing Subaru's tummy and giving the navel piercing beneath his lips a light tug when the older male threatened not to respond. "Subaru, I'm going to put it in you, okay?"

Subaru smiled dimly.

"Please fuck me, Ryo." He answered, although Ryo couldn't be sure whether it was actually in response to what he'd said or Subaru just making up his own mind about it. He found a couple of pillows to stack under the tiny ossan's rear before slowly pushing himself in, hand still connected with Subaru's to make sure he wasn't hurting him.

It was then that Ryo felt the tip of his boyfriend's erection poking him in the back, as Ohkura drunkenly fumbled for Ryo's hole. Ryo shook his head with a smile and leaned forward, spreading his legs to make it easier for the drummer. He let Ohkura control the thrusting, Ryo's body cushioning the impact a little for the delicate older singer. Ohkura seemed to be enjoying himself, as he purred into Ryo's ear, whispering obscenities that made Ryo shiver and his blood pulse hotly through already swollen vessels. Subaru seemed quite content where he was too, his dark hair fanned out about his flushed face, his plump lips parted, and a stream of nonsensical babblings pouring forth from them, constantly increasing in pitch and volume.

Maru, where he lay with Hina atop him, was having a fantastic time. At some point Shingo had realised he was flexible enough to bend down and kiss the bassist, and said bassist was delighting in alternatingly being kissed senseless by the perfectly sculpted soccer fiend, and watching the perfectly toned muscle ripple as Hina sat up and drove himself down on Maru's cock hard and fast. But really, it was the repeated moaning and groaning and begging and pleading of Ryuhei's name that threatened to send Maru over the edge.

There were so many competing voices in the room, and Maru knew he was going to have to scream pretty loudly for his orgasm to be heard. He was assisted in his plight by Hina, who came suddenly over Maru's torso with little more than a loud groan, and decided that all Maru needed was a little prostate stimulation to send him that last little bit over the edge. The resulting scream from Maru covered the entire spectrum from unexpected pain to sheer orgasmic pleasure. The bassist did not know what else to do beyond rolling over sideways into the arms of Hina, who'd managed to fall conveniently to Maru's side, and cling to the elder male as the post-orgasmic shivers wracked his body and gradually subsided.

Yasu, who seemed to be displaying an abnormal level of voyeurism that night, was spurred on by the moans and screams that surrounded him, and he forced himself that last little bit harder against the eldest until they both came with a bit of grunting and a general collapsing of fatigued limbs.

Ryo was next to go, the combined sensation of fucking and being fucked almost too much for him to handle. He forced himself to stay upright so that Ohkura could continue to fuck Subaru through him, until the both of them came less than a minute later. The three rolled sideways, landing in a tangle of heaving arms and legs. All was silent for a few minutes as everyone tried to get their breath back and straighten their endorphin and alcohol skewed vision.

Finally Subaru spoke.

"Who's king next?"

There were a series of groans; the kind it's impossible to trace in origin.

"I am." Hina told Subaru, dragging himself across the floor in a lazy resemblance of a crawl. "And I say we clean up and get to sleep."

He accepted the wipes Ohkura had pre-empted him wanting and began to distribute them. Yoko, still enjoying his time with Yasu, very carefully cleaned the guitarist off. Maru had turned into a post-coital pile of mush and so Hina was forced to clean him off, a task he did lovingly and with great care. Ryo volunteered to clean Subaru off, surreptitiously checking for damage, and finding only a tenderness that made Subaru hiss slightly. Ohkura cleaned Ryo off, because that was part of his boyfriendly duties, and no one would take the privilege off him.

Wipes were discarded in a general that-way direction so they could be forgotten til morning. Ohkura was deemed the most capable of standing up and thus charged with turning the light off. Maru leaned heavily back against Hina's chest as the older boy pulled a quilt over them. Subaru and Yasu made some sort of bid for each other, when Yoko whimpered at being left alone and they decided he would probably make a good pillow. With some difficulty the group's two smallest ended up on opposite sides of him and curled up against his sides, the eldest draping his arms over his two friends in a show of affectionate protection. Ohkura found the light switch and crawled the rest of the way back to bed, to minimise his chances of tripping over. He eventually found a warm figure that responded to the name Ryo and wrapped himself around it.

"Night." He whispered.

Five voices returned the whisper, a sixth mumbled
"I love you", and then the heavy silence of sleep descended on the room and its seven thoroughly shagged out occupants.


[User Picture]From: rivium7fold
2007-06-20 02:43 am (UTC)
.............................You are my hero!.....No really you are, your like a yaoi goddess or something...........I have been waiting for a K8 orgy for soon long.........You are my hero!
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[User Picture]From: makaeru
2007-06-20 04:43 am (UTC)
There are a couple of others around. This one isn't the first.

But thank you. <3
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[User Picture]From: squippo
2007-06-20 03:17 am (UTC)
... my life is complete. Thank you.
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[User Picture]From: makaeru
2007-06-21 04:28 am (UTC)
Thank you for reading.

Nice to know your life is complete. Unless that means I can stop writing now...?
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[User Picture]From: zaq_in_chill
2007-06-20 03:32 am (UTC)
wa!!! need to stop at middle for it was too hot for me to handle and i need to go to work!!! but i'll be back... i'll definitely be back!!! WA!!!!
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[User Picture]From: zaq_in_chill
2007-06-20 11:30 pm (UTC)
GOSH... this is even better than watching AV actors... love how Subaru is so possessive of Yasu, how RyOkura really can't take their hands off each other, how Kimi got lots of love from the others and how how Maru and Hina ended up with each other...

If only Uchi is there so Kimi has his very own princess to cuddle with....

What a way to start a day!!! :)
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[User Picture]From: kenaressa
2007-06-20 04:01 am (UTC)
Yay! you finished it ^______________^

The way you have them fall asleep is just too cute...
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[User Picture]From: makaeru
2007-06-21 04:31 am (UTC)
Fluff writes itself, damnit.
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[User Picture]From: roxal
2007-06-20 04:46 am (UTC)
"...it was Yasu that found himself pinned beneath a very frisky Ohkura."
...................YAY. :Dv Ohyassssss. ♥

Loved it. Alot. ALOT alot. ♥♥♥
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[User Picture]From: makaeru
2007-06-21 04:32 am (UTC)
Glad you enjoyed it, however you do realise Subaru and Yasu are a real couple?
Well, as real as you can get with Johnny's...
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[User Picture]From: winged_kame
2007-06-20 05:06 am (UTC)
Another nice one from you! Very hot and fun! Thanks as always!
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[User Picture]From: makaeru
2007-06-21 08:29 am (UTC)
I'm glad you enjoyed it.
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From: novemberchic
2007-06-20 06:02 am (UTC)
*__________________________* i think i died a little...and i laughed so hard and...wow...LOVED
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2007-06-21 09:57 am (UTC)
'wow's make me happy. :D
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[User Picture]From: whited_79
2007-06-20 08:47 am (UTC)
I think...I need to go home now! this is so hot! *and finally reading something about Ryo screwing Subaru is like so great!* and the ending is too cute for words...of course, THEY LOVE EVERYBODY! :)
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[User Picture]From: makaeru
2007-06-21 10:01 am (UTC)
I have written one other Ryo/Subs fic. Here it is.
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[User Picture]From: sumomo_yuki
2007-06-20 12:17 pm (UTC)
gawd, the orgy rocks~~~~~~ <3333333333333 it's awesome really!
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2007-06-21 10:03 am (UTC)
Thank you. Wow. Thirteen threes.
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From: (Anonymous)
2007-06-21 01:42 am (UTC)
OMG. Much better than AV Actors. : O
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[User Picture]From: vreemd23
2007-06-25 11:06 am (UTC)
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