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Fifteen | OhYass | My best friend's boyfriend's best friend - The Crackfiction of MaKaeru [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Fifteen | OhYass | My best friend's boyfriend's best friend [Jun. 29th, 2007|11:59 pm]


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Title: My best friend's boyfriend's best friend (or, how Yasu and Ohkura got together, a fanfic in four parts!)
Rating: PG.
Pairing: OhYass, minor Subs/Ryo
Notes: All four parts are here. ichigohime demanded that, in a test of my writing skills, I write her a nice, fluffy, pure OhYass. I think I succeeded, except for Subaru and Ryo writing themselves.

~~Part one~Yasu and Subaru~~

"Ne, Shibuyan." Shota began, setting down his spoon. "I think Tacchon's been flirting with me."

The pair were settled in a cafe near the studio were HonJani was filmed, traces of make-up from the Okan sketch still lingering on their faces. Between them sat a strawberry and maccha parfait that the owner of the cafe had created especially for the pair, because they were regular customers and he liked them. They also helped boost his trade, inadvertently bringing their fans to him.

Subaru looked at his best friend, sighed, and set his spoon down heavily.

"I hate to tell you this, Sho." He spoke seriously. His gaze caught Shota's, and he watched the younger male's eyes widen in trepidation. "But Tacchon's flirting with you...it's almost as obvious as your return flirting."

Shota squeaked indignantly and threw a napkin at Subaru's face. There'd been a trace of soft serve on it, and Subaru wiped it off his cheek with a smirk.

"I'm not flirting with him." Shota protested, stabbing a strawberry with his cake fork and sucking the cream off before delicately nibbling the red fruit.

"Sho, dear, do you like Ohkura?"

Yasu couldn't help the giggle and grin stupidly at the mention of his crush's name. Subaru chuckled and took a spoonful of ice cream.

"I rest my case."

"I didn't think I was flirting with him." Shota sighed, dipping his half eaten strawberry in cream. "But...I think I like him."

Subaru smiled at his young friend.

"I think he likes you too."

Shota rested his chin on steepled fingers and asked
"What about Ryo, though?"

"What about him?"

"Well, he's always hanging around Tacchon..."

"I'm always hanging around you."

"He's always going off places with Tacchon..."

"What are you and I doing, Sho?" Asked an unheeded Subaru.

"And they're always so touchy-feely and cuddly with each other."

"Remind me the last time you went an hour without hugging me."

"And I just thought they were together."

"Shota, darling." Subaru took his friend's small hands into his own. "Spending time together and leaving work together constitutes friends. Trying not to touch too much at work and leaving five minutes apart to avoid suspicion; that's a relationship."

Shota considered this, understanding gradually dawning.

"So that's why Hina and Kimi-kun..."


"So you think Ryo and Tacchon are just friends?"

"Shota, I know it."

"How?" Yasu asked slowly, aware there was subtext in there somewhere. Subaru smiled at the unnatural show of perception on Yasuda's part.

"Because," Subaru answered deliberately, twirling a lock of hair and watching Shota's eyes as they fixed on him. "Ryo and I had our first kiss last night."

Shota squealed and threw Subaru's napkin at him this time.

"Why didn't you tell me?" He implored, eyes wide and lips arranged in a pout.

"Shota, this is the first time I've seen you since last night!"

"You still could have said!"

"So, Shota, back to you. Are you going to ask Tatsuyoshi out?"

"No." Shota dipped his head, hair falling across his face and hiding the blush that crept into his cheeks. "I...I'd prefer he asked me out."

"Oh really now." Subaru leaned forward, lifting Shota's chin up. "That's cute."

"Shut up." Yasu mumbled, pushing Subaru's hand away and attacking the remains of the parfait. "Anyway, who asked who out with you? And..." he paused as his attention drifted to the last strawberry "...who's the girl?"

"Would you be the girl with Tacchon, you think?"

"I asked a question." Yasu told the strawberry he'd just forked.

"I don't know if it was so much of asking..." Subaru answered reluctantly. "We just sort of looked at each other and then ended up on the floor with our tongues down each others' throats. Although." Subaru took a spoonful of melting ice cream. "He was the one that asked if I maybe wanted to go to his place for dinner sometime."

"And are you going?"

"Yep. Tomorrow night."

"So, are you the girl then?" Shota asked quietly. Subaru gave him a withering look.

"Ryo's so going to be my bitch." He answered with a grin.

"That's not very nice."

"Oh, but it's true." Subaru laughed. "He's going to cook for me and look after me and be the one that...does stuff not suitable for your sweet young ears."

"But he's younger than me..."

Subaru smiled and tucked an errant lock behind Shota's ear.

"You'll find them out for yourself." He let his fingers trail lightly down the young guitarist's face. "When you're ready."

"I'm not a...I've been with girls before." Yasuda protested feebly.

"Girl. You've been with *a* girl." Subaru teasingly reminded him. "And being with a boy is a bit different. I care about you, okay?"

"I know." Shota perked up, looking his friend straight in the eye and beaming. "Thank you."

They got up and Subaru went to pay for the parfait, only to be waved away by the owner.

"It's on me." He shook his finger at them, as though to lecture them. "Like it always is. I hope I'll be seeing you again soon."

"You will." Yasu told him with a bright smile, which was quickly reciprocated, though with nothing near the guitarist's radiance. "Thank you. Bye."

"Bye." Subaru waved.

As they left, Subaru slipped his hand into Shota's. Shota giggled and squeezed gently.

"I really care about you." Subaru reminded the younger male.

"I love you too."

~~Part two~Subaru and Ryo~~

Ryo snuggled up to his new lover's bare form as the covers were pulled up to their chins.

"I really enjoyed tonight." Subaru told him, fingers idly tracing patterns on a convenient shoulder. "Thanks for dinner."

"Thanks for coming to dinner." Ryo responded, kissing the nearest patch of skin. "I've also really enjoyed this evening. You were amazing."

"Of course I was." Subaru laughed and kissed Ryo's lips. "And you weren't bad either. Really, the pair of us. Straight in the sack after the first date. What would Yasu think?"


Ryo propped himself up on one elbow and regarded the older male curiously.

"Surely you've noticed the flirting?" Subaru asked, teasing Ryo back down with light touches to his face and neck. "Shota's besotted."

"Tacchon has seemed a bit moonstruck too." Ryo conceded, rolling to face the other singer. "Do you think we need to help get them together?"

"I think so."

"So how are we going to do that?"

"You're going to talk to Tacchon about it."

"Why me?" Ryo slapped away a hand that insisted on drawing circles round a readily respondent nipple. "Why can't you talk to Yasu?"

"I've already spoken to him." Subaru rolled his eyes and nursed his injured hand. "All he can do is blush and giggle and be a complete and utter girl about it."

"That sounds about right."

"What he really needs," Subaru began to explore his new boy's body again, "is for Prince Charming to sweep him off his feet and whisk him off into the sunset on a bed of sweet words and rose petals."

"Awfully poetic of you."

The hand that was roaming over Ryo's chest found a nipple and pinched it hard. Ryo gasped before letting his masochistic tendencies out in a low purr.

"Why are we even talking about Yasu and Tacchon?"

"I don't know." Subaru replied, stretching out a little. "Because we care for them?"

Ryo gave a low growl and pounced on Subaru's lips. Coherent conversation officially ended for the evening.

~~Part three~Ohkura and Ryo~~

"So, when are you going to ask Yasu out?" Ryo asked as he pushed the last of his dinner around the takeaway container it had come in.

"And what interest do you have in it?" Ohkura quirked an eyebrow, reaching for his drink. The pair were seated at Ohkura's kitchen counter, remnants of a meal from one of the Ohkura family's restaurants scattered across the bench top. Such events occurred frequently in the two boys' lives.

"One. You're my best friend, so I care about you when it comes to this sort of stuff. Two." Ryo help up the right number of fingers. "Do you have any idea what it's like to try and have sex with a man who insists on telling you how much his best friend is in love with your best friend? Three." Ryo emptied his glass. "Can I have another beer?"

Ohkura laughed but obliged.

"So you've already found your way into Subaru's pants." He topped Ryo's glass up and binned the empty bottle. "I'd be surprised if it weren't for me knowing what sort of libido the two of you have."

Ryo considered this for a moment before shrugging it off and asking
"What is it you like so much about Yasu anyway?"

Ohkura shrugged and continued to tidy up.

"I like blondes."

"He's not naturally blonde, remember?"

"Blonde isn't just a hair colour." Ohkura swiped Ryo's beer to lead him to the couch so they could sit more comfortably. "It's this whole personality. You know...bright, bubbly, sweet, a bit ditzy?"

"So you like him because he's a bimbo." Ryo was sceptical.

"No..." Ohkura tried to put what he was feeling and couldn't verbalise into a gesture, but it looked more like he was fondling a pair of invisible breasts.

"He doesn't have breasts, either. I can talk to Yamapi for you if you wa..."

Ryo was silenced by the cushion that smacked him in the face.

"Shut up, Ryo."

"Because Yamapi has impressive cleav..."

Five more smacks with the cushion, in quick succession.

"Okay, fine. Shota's 'blonde' and has virtual breasts that you like more than real breasts."

"It's not always all about breasts, Ryo!"

Ryo looked him dead in the eye.


"Ryo, I just...I don't know. He's so cute and sweet and I want to date him."

"Date him?" Ryo sobered up immediately. "Dating sounds serious."

"It is serious, Ryo. I really like him."

"Oh, that reminds me. Subaru promised horrible, horrible pain and torture and eternal damnation and all that if you ever hurt Shota in any way, physically or mentally. Just so you know."

"Oh great." Ohkura took a swig of his beer. Ryo patted his shoulder in condolence.

"Seriously though, Tacchon. Are you going to ask him out?"

"I guess I have to."

"Ohkura, you have to be certain on this one. Trust me." Ryo turned to look him square in the eye. "I am never going to hear the end of it if you don't do this properly. And, as I mentioned, sex equals less fun when your lover's constantly talking about some other guy."

"Sorry..." Ohkura apologised, tucking his legs up on to the couch.

"No!" Ryo snapped. "No apologies, Tacchon. Do you like Yasu?"

"Of course."

"Do you want to date Yasu."

"That's what I said..."

"Do you want me, your best friend in the whole wide world, to endure Subaru babbling while he's fucking me?"

"No...you're uke?! What? Um, yes, I mean, no...Ryo, why do you tell me these things?" Ohkura sighed heavily and slumped back into the couch.

"Because you're my best friend, Tacchon." Ryo's voice softened and he snuggled up to his friend. "And I care about you. Now will you please get yourself a boyfriend so you've got some gory details to tell me instead?"

Ohkura draped an arm around Ryo and gave him a quick squeeze.

"Fine. I'll ask him out tomorrow."

"And ask him out because you love him, not because I told you too. After all," Ohkura could tell that smirk had just materialised without even needing to look at the singer's face, "I have a few creative ways to deal with Subaru...keep his mouth...um..." The drummer looked at him imploringly. "Alright, fine, I'm not going to finish that sentence."

"I love you too, Ryo."

~~Part four~Ohkura and Yasu~~

The following day was spent filming more of the Okan sketches, one after the other. Ryo seemed to alternate between sending lusty glances at Subaru and dark looks at Ohkura. Subaru, when he wasn't reciprocating Ryo's looks, was draped over Shota and narrating the drummer's life in the young guitarist's ear.

"He's looking at you Shota. Look, he's smiling. He likes blondes, you know. You're blonde."

"I know, Shibuyan." Yasuda gently pried Subaru off him and straightened his clothes. "You helped me choose the shade of blonde and then sat with me in the hairdresser's."

"Would you ask him out? If you knew he'd say yes?"

"No!" Shota blushed and picked invisible lint off his dress. "I...still want him to ask me."

"Tacchon...!" Ryo moaned suddenly from the chair he'd been left in after his punishment had ended. "Tacchon...come here!"

"Ryo, what's wrong?" Ohkura sighed and went to his friend's aid. "And why can't your boyfriend save you?"

"My feet still hurt and I want you to carry me and he's too tiny."

"I am." Subaru confirmed with a nod, popping up from seemingly nowhere. "Well, too tiny to carry you. In other ways, well...Ryo, are you still sore?"

"Yes." Ryo sulked.

"That's funny. Sook." Subaru ignored the protest that was starting to form on his lover's lips and turned to the drummer. "Tacchon, are you ever going to ask Yasu out? Look at him being all cute and blonde and a woman!"

"His hair is red at the moment."

"No, his wig is. You know he's really blonde."

"Technically, his hair is black."

"Technically, I'll fix my boyfriend, you'll go be my best friend's boyfriend now."

Ohkura rolled his eyes and went over to where Subaru had left the young guitarist looking flirty and available on the park bench.

"Hi." Ohkura began smoothly, seating himself and spreading his legs in an entirely unladylike fashion. Relief at Tadami being allowed to wear pants had been expressed on many occasions by a variety of people. "You look nice."

Shota giggled and blushed, fidgeting with his costume.

"It's just a silly dress. I look middle aged dressed like this."

"No, Shota." The use of his first name made the guitarist look up. "You always look really nice."

More blushing and giggling with an averted gaze.

"Shota, I like you."

"I like you too, Tacchon."

"Shota, I really like you."

There was a weight to the word 'really' that made Yasuda look up again. And then Ohkura's hand was cupping his cheek and Shota physically couldn't look away again. His cheeks flamed.

"May I take you out to dinner?"


"I think..." Shota's breath hitched as Ohkura's fingers gently began to stroke his cheek "...in the movies, I'd kiss you now. Can I?"


Ohkura bent down, simultaneously pulling Shota up by his cupped cheek, and for the first time, their lips met. Fireworks exploded in the guitarists mind as the kiss lasted both forever and for an instant. In reality, it had only been an instant because Maru had a habit of going off and crying in a corner if he saw his friends pashing at work. This was attributed to his continued attraction to the female species, and the lack of recent attraction of the female species to him.

Shota sighed in the most effeminate way possible as their lips parted. Ohkura smiled at him and continued to stroke his cheek.

"WE HAVE TONGUE!" A voice that could only have been Subaru's yelled from the far side of the room. All emotion drained from Maruyama's face and he quietly excused himself. Shota blushed scarlet. Ohkura wrapped his arms protectively around his new love.

"Not yet, Subaru. I'm not as big a pervert as you."

"But you were all..." Subaru mimed kissing an invisible partner. "...mmm..." Ryuhei sobbed in his corner. "....mmm!"

"Ryo?" Ohkura called out to his friend. "Remember those creative ways to shut him up you were telling me about?" Ryo nodded. "Care to try one?"

Ryo smirked and had the sense to drag Subaru into a costume cupboard. Hina and Yoko went and dug Maru out of his corner and began to sooth the bassist. Yasu looked overwhelmed. Ohkura held him close, and he relaxed a little.

"I'll look after you now." Ohkura promised him, nuzzling his neck and dislodging his wig. Shota reflexively went to straighten it, but Ohkura distracted him with another light kiss.

"What are you still doing here?" A staff member asked, retrieving the small gadget he'd seemingly left behind. "Filming's finished, go home! Go spend some time with your girlfriends or something. God knows the lot of you need it."

Hina patted Maru's shoulder as the sniffles started again.

"Let's go." Ohkura told Yasu, and the pair exited the building, changing out of their Okan costumes and into their regular clothes somewhere en route.

"Are we going straight to dinner?" Shota asked as he settled in the passenger seat of Ohkura's car.

"I thought perhaps we might like to freshen up first." Ohkura answered delicately. "So if it's alright with you, I'll drop you off at your place, you can get ready, and I'll quickly swing by my place, get cleaned up, and then come back and pick you up and we'll go to dinner from there."

"Sounds good to me." Shota responded, watching the scenery fly past as Ohkura drove and fantasising about the magic he was sure the evening would be filled with. "How should I dress?"

Ohkura hesitated.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean formal, or smart casual, or just casual or...I could wear a skirt."

Ohkura breathed deeply.

"Well, you could, but...I don't know. Maybe smart casual. It's our first date."

The word date seemed to make Shota blush and giggle.

"Date." Ohkura tried the sound of the word again. Shota clapped in delight. "Are you really that excited about the word date?"

"Of course I am!"

"You're too cute." This was accompanied by a pat on the knee. Shota's cheeks flamed. "Okay, we're here."


"Your house, Shota."


"I'll be back here as soon as I can, okay?"

"Okay." Shota beamed and skipped up the path. Ohkura stared shamelessly at the tight little bottom as it wiggled along the path, taking a moment to realise Shota was waving and smiling at him. He quickly reciprocated and then drove off.

At home he showered, removed all traces of Tadami from his face, and hastily looked for something to wear. He decided on a pair of slim-fitting dark jeans, a white T-shirt and a charcoal pinstripe blazer that Ryo had once told him made him look hot enough for Ryo to consider breaking his whole 'I'm not going to screw my best friend' rule. He ran a comb through his hair, checked his reflection in the mirror, decided he looked well sexy, smirked at his reflection, and then jumped back into his car and sped off back to Shota's house. He honestly thought it was a girl he was taking out when Shota emerged from the house.

A green batik print skirt, a paisley print pink shirt open to reveal a lilac tank top, and that gorgeous smile.

Ohkura hurried to open the door for his girl...boyfriend. Boyfriend. Shota giggled and seated himself in the car. Ohkura quickly ran around to his own side and started the engine.

"So where are we going?" Shota asked, smoothing out his skirt.

"Shall I tell you, or do you want it to be a surprise?"

"A surprise!" Shota answered immediately, and regretted it. "No, wait, tell me."

"It's going to be a surprise now."

Shota drooped. Then his phone rang. Excusing himself, he answered it.

"Ryo! Oh god! Yes!"

"Um, Shibuyan, this is Yasu, not Ryo."

"Ohfuck...I know, Shota...Ryo! Yes! Faster!"

"Um..." Shota sent a desperate glace at Ohkura. Hanging up the phone never occurred to him because it would be rude to hang up on his best friend.

Ohkura's phone rang. He passed it to Yasu with the excuse that he was driving.

"Hello?" Shota answered tentatively.

"Yasu? Where's Tacchon?"

"He's driving at the moment so he can't use the phone."

"Oh. Well, I was just going to get him to tell you to tell my fucking boyfriend to pay attention to me while he's screwing me for once."

Shota was given a mental picture that made him wish he could cover his eyes and make it go away. Physiologically, he had a slightly different reaction, and he blushed harder as if to force all of his blood to stay in his head.

"Um, Shibuyan..." Shota whispered into his phone.

"Yes, Shota...suck it Ryo."

"Could you maybe just play with Ryo and leave Tacchon and I alone?" Shota wasn't sure how else to word it.

"Not if you keep talking to Yasu I won't." Ryo spoke in his other ear. "Yasu, keep trying."

"Shibuyan, this is my first date." Yasuda pleaded. "And if it goes badly because of you I'm not going to talk to you for a whole week. And..." He looked over at Ohkura, who was smiling and nodding, for support. "...Ryo might not sleep with you."

"That's right." Yasu heard Ryo tell Subaru.

"Also..." A quick squeeze of Yasu's knee seemed to strengthen his resolve. "I'm going to turn my phone off now, for dinner. And Tacchon is too. So, you'd better pay more attention to your own boyfriend so I can have a nice date with mine."

"Good luck." Ryo told him. "And if the night goes well, just remember his neck is very sensitive. And wrists too for some reason."

"Okay." Yasu squeaked.

"And use protection." Subaru told him wisely. "Wouldn't want you getting pregnant now."

"Good bye, Shibuyan. Bye Ryo." Shota told the two phones and promptly hung up.

Ohkura laughed.

"Well handled." He told the smaller male. Shota pouted. "We're here."

Yasu looked around and saw a bright yellow neon sign announcing Yum Cha.

"Yum cha?" He asked.

"Yum cha." Ohkura confirmed.

"I haven't had Yum Cha in...forever."

"Is it okay?"

Shota nodded and beamed.

"It's perfect."

"Good. Alright, let's go inside."

Inside the restaurant was nothing short of regal. The floor was carpeted in a rich red, and the walls were lined with gilded mirrors. Shota gasped and held onto Ohkura's arm.

"It's beautiful." He told the younger male.

"I hoped you'd like it." He gestured to a waitress and she promptly seated them. It was a good seat, up against the one wall that had windows, which overlooked the city lights. They were near enough the kitchens that they could intercept the freshest food, but not so close that the banging of pots and pans disrupted their conversation. Indeed, conversation flowed easily all night. Ohkura ate probably twice as much as Shota, but Shota didn't really mind. Finally Ohkura seemed to be full and snagged some mango pudding for dessert.

"You ate hardly anything." Ohkura told the guitarist as they ate their dessert.

"I ate plenty." Shota traced patterns in his condensed milk. "You just eat more than I do. You eat more than nearly anyone I know. Except maybe Kimi."

"That's probably true. Would you like to come back to my place for a bit?"

The question surprised Shota, and he set his spoon down.

"You don't have to if you don't want to." Ohkura continued, a little shyly. "I just thought you might like to come back for a drink or something."

"I'd like to." Shota answered with a slight blush.

"Alright, well, I'll go settle this while you finish your pudding."

"No, Tacchon, I can..."

"Shota, I'm paying, and that's final."


Yasuda obediently stayed put and finished his pudding while Ohkura got up to pay for their meal. When both were done, Ohkura took Shota's hand as discreetly as he could and led him back out to the car park. He opened the door and helped Shota into his seat.

"Thank you for dinner." Shota told Ohkura once he was seated. "I really enjoyed it."

"I'm glad you did. I really like you."

"I like you too."

The rest of the car trip passed in comfortable silence. Shota would send furtive glances at Ohkura, and Ohkura would respond with a gentle squeeze of Yasu's knee. Shota eagerly followed Ohkura inside once they'd reached his house, and sat down on the couch as instructed. The drummer shed his blazer and disappeared off into another room. Shota took his pink shirt off. The inside of the house was quite warm.

"Beer, chu hi or tea?" Ohkura called from the kitchen.

"What flavour?" Yasu called back.

"Peach, lemon or...plum."

"Plum, please."

The requested beverage was brought out and passed, opened, to Yasu. Ohkura settled into the couch next to Shota and took a swig of the beer he'd obviously chosen. Shota took a sip and shuffled a little closer to Ohkura. Ohkura took a sip and wriggled closer to Yasu. The process continued until their drinks were empty and they physically could not get any closer. And then Ohkura lifted a hand to Shota's cheek and kissed him again.

It was a chaste kiss at first, but then lips parted and curious tongues began to probe. Yasu tasted sweet, and just a little tart from the ume, and Ohkura thought that was just how Shota should taste. Ohkura tasted like beer and what Shota thought was the pure essence of masculinity. He liked it.

Ohkura's hands began to roam, gently stroking Shota's arms and back and sides. He tried to slip his fingers under the smaller male's shirt, but Yasu tensed and Ohkura stopped trying. He didn't want to upset the guitarist by going too fast. One of Shota's hands had insinuated itself in his hair while the other rested lightly on a hip.

Eventually they tired and parted for air.

"Oh snap." Ohkura exclaimed, looking at his watch.

"What?" Shota asked, concern growing in his eyes.

"It's past midnight already. There's no more trains and I can't drive you because I've had the beer and...would you like to stay here for the night?"

"Tacchon, I don't think I'm ready for..."

"...you don't have to be, Shota." Ohkura cut him off. "I'll find you some pyjamas, and if you still don't trust me, I can sleep out here on the couch. Or I can call you a taxi."

"Don't do that!" Yasu chided him. "Just the pyjama option would be fine."

"Okay, I'll go find some." Ohkura got up. "Would you like to take a bath or a shower or something?"

"No." Shota yawned. "I think now I'd just like to sleep."

"Alright then. Back in a sec."

Shota smiled to himself as he waited. Here he was in Ohkura's house, in Ohkura's life, and he was a part of it. He has little doubt Ohkura's family would welcome him. They seemed to like him before and, as Subaru had said that Ryo said that Ohkura said; years in the Jimusyo had lost Tadayoshi his ability to surprise his family.

"Shota, I found you some pyjamas." Ohkura appeared around the doorway in a pair of soft green pyjamas Shota remembered Ryo giving at his last birthday. "They're ones I've outgrown, but they'll probably still be a bit big on you."


"Um, if you want to get changed in my room, I'll just wait outside, and you can let me in again once you're done."

Part of Shota told him that he and Ohkura had seen each other naked numerous times before and that changing in front of him wasn't any big deal, but the ruling voice said that at this early stage of the relationship they shouldn't seeing each other intimately naked. So answered

He took a moment to simply enjoy being in Ohkura's room, then hastily changed so they wouldn't be apart too long. He folded his clothes and stacked then neatly on a chair.

"You can come in." He called out to Ohkura. Indeed he'd barely finished the sentence before Ohkura was inside, wrapping his long frame around the small guitarist.

"They seem to fit. Let's go to bed. You're sure you're okay with being in the same bed?"

"I am."


Shota squeaked in surprise as Ohkura scooped him up and carried him the last few feet over to the bed. Somehow he managed to drag the covers down without dropping Shota, then he gently deposited his small boyfriend on the sheets and climbed in himself.

"I really enjoyed tonight." Shota repeated, snuggling a little closer to the drummer.

"Me too."

They shared one last kiss for the evening, and then Ohkura whispered
"Good night, Shota."

"Night, Tacchon."

Sleep took them almost immediately after, and even in their dreams they were together.


[User Picture]From: kenaressa
2007-06-29 02:43 pm (UTC)
I think it's safe to say that the fluff challenge has been met with this. (I may be dying of sugarshock)
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: snow_meow
2007-06-29 02:58 pm (UTC)
This is not the end, is it?
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: makaeru
2007-06-29 03:08 pm (UTC)
It is, actually.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: pinkflutterbys
2007-06-29 03:36 pm (UTC)
asldjhlajhd *incoherent*
love you a lot.
ohyass fluff♥
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: nyokomao
2007-06-29 11:51 pm (UTC)
Oh jeez this is just what I needed

Ohyass is the cutest eveerrrr

Thank you so much.

I really enjoy your other fics by the way!
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: winged_kame
2007-06-30 02:35 am (UTC)
Awe, so cute!!! Very fluffy indeed! Shota being such a girl was very fun, and the little bit of Baru/Ryo was hot and funny too. As much as I love your smut, it was good it wasn't forced at the end, since it wouldn't have fit well with the rest of thei charaterization.
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: tesshi
2007-06-30 04:46 am (UTC)
"And use protection." Subaru told him wisely. "Wouldn't want you getting pregnant now."

it's not gonna happen anytime soon, right?! XD poor maru~ why are you not pairing him up with somebody? cute storyline by the way.
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[User Picture]From: makaeru
2007-06-30 06:35 am (UTC)
Maybe it's because I fancy him...

Yasu is not going to get pregnant, Subaru is just insane. He wrote himself, I tell you!
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[User Picture]From: osakaromanesque
2007-06-30 06:32 am (UTC)
kjfhgkfhdkgjfhdivnkdjfnkvnf NYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW

that's all I'm gonna say.
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[User Picture]From: shade_of_kim
2007-06-30 06:33 am (UTC)
ohyass fluff <3!!
i like the ending, it's not over-rated and it's just nice...i luv the whole taking-things-slow kind of stuff, it show the pureness of the relationships.when u put it with ohyass, then it's total cuteness! thx!
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[User Picture]From: beccy_chan
2007-07-01 09:32 pm (UTC)
waiii that was SOOO CUTE!!
fluff is just the best *o*
and I really liked part 1 <3 and of course part 4 ^~^
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[User Picture]From: gamakichi85
2008-05-02 04:18 am (UTC)
very sweet!!!!
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