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Chocolate the Seventeenth - The Crackfiction of MaKaeru [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Chocolate the Seventeenth [Aug. 16th, 2007|12:35 am]


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Title: 'Cum on Shota Club'
Pairing: Maru/Baru/Yasu
Rating: NC-17
Notes: Title courtesy of ichigohime. The idea actually sprung up in the cleaning episode of HonJani, where Subs was all over both Maru and Yasu. And there'll be more of these three.

Maruyama Ryuhei awoke to gentle fingers stroking his face. Opening his eyes revealed that said fingers belonged to a smiling Shibutani Subaru.

“Morning.” Subaru chirped, fingers continuing to trace Ryuhei’s features. The touch stirred memories of the previous night. Maru realised around this point that he wasn’t wearing anything underneath the blankets and, groaning, he slumped back into the pillow.

“Um, Subaru...” He began tentatively.


“Last night...what was it that happened?”

Subaru smiled a little smile that confirmed Maru’s suspicions of it not being a dream before sitting up to speak.

“It all depends on what you think happened. If you think what happened last night happened, then it happened. If you don’t think what happened last night actually did happen, then neither Shota nor I are going to contradict you. Just be a little sad.”

Maru considered pleading that he’d lost track after the third use of the word ‘happened’, but gradually his mind unravelled the fact that he was being given a choice.

“So I really did...”

“...have a hot threesome with me and Shota?” Subaru answered helpfully. “Yes.”

“Ah.” Maru wriggled upright. “Um, was I any good?”

Subaru decided the best way to answer would be to cup Ryuhei’s cheek and kiss him. The bassist was fairly satisfied with the answer.

“Breakfast is ready when you two are.” An amused voice came from the doorway. The pair broke apart and looked at the offending guitarist. Shota was wearing nothing but a T-shirt, which just barely covered a certain organ which Maru suddenly remembered having put in his mouth the previous night. His blood ran suddenly hot and he drew his knees up to his chest to hide the potential consequences in his own organ.

Subaru, on the other hand, bounced off the bed and kissed the youngest there on the lips before continuing along to the kitchen, the tracksuit pants that stood between him and nudity threatening to slip off his narrow hips as he bounded.

“Coming?” Yasuda asked, smiling invitingly. “Though from what I’ve just seen, I think you owe me a good morning kiss first.”

“Um, I’m naked.” Ryuhei protested feebly.

“And you’re shy about that even after last night?”


The guitarist giggled and climbed onto the bed, straddling the bassist and getting his good morning kiss. Gradually he coaxed the older male backwards until he was out from under the covers and comfortable with it.

“I’ll get you a bathrobe.” Shota whispered as they parted.


Maru waited patiently in the bedroom, firm in the belief that one should never turn up to breakfast unclothed. Yasu was back quickly, exchanging the bathrobe he’d brought for another quick kiss. Maru quickly dressed and followed the perky guitarist out into the kitchen, where Subaru was already digging into a bowl of rice garnished with slices of boiled vegetables and mayonnaise.

“Would you like veggies on your rice, Maru-chan?” Shota asked as he packed rice into a bowl. “Or mayonnaise, or something else altogether? Shibuyan’s Mum taught me this way to boil veggies with a little bit of honey so even I can eat them.”

“Um, vegetables and mayonnaise would be nice.”

Shota obligingly served the bassist just that, making sure to pile on the vegetables so he wouldn’t have to eat as many himself. He drew a mayonnaise smiley face on Ryuhei’s bowl before proceeding to drown his own, measly lot of vegetables.

“So, you parents know about you?” Maru hazarded as he sat down.

“Yeah.” Subaru nodded and wiped a dollop of mayonnaise of Shota’s cheek. “Taeko-mama has been teaching Shochan how to be a good little housewife for me.”

“My parents figured it was inevitable.” Shota added brightly, sucking the mayonnaise of Subaru’s proffered finger. “But it’s still funny them all thinking I’m the girl.”

“So, you’re not normally...” Maru wasn’t sure how to finish that sentence. The previous night had opened a whole new range of experiences he was as yet unaware of the correct terminology for.

“Uke?” Shota finished helpfully. “No, not usually.”

“Ah.” Ryuhei made a mental note for future references, should the occasion arise.

“I think Shota really enjoyed you last night.” Subaru interjected slyly. “No one’s been that rough with him in a while.”

“Did I hurt you?” Maru asked, concern welling up in his gorgeous brown eyes and...Subaru was getting distracted by thoughts of a potential later.

Shota giggled and rolled his pair of pretty brown eyes.

“I’m a masochist, silly. I like it.” Shota sighed. “Shibuyan refuses to be even the slightest bit rough with me.” Here he pouted. “I haven’t had that sort of fun since I was with Tacchon.”

“Why did you break up with him?” Maru asked, then realised that was prying and apologised, blushing. “You don’t have to tell me, sorry, I shouldn’t have asked.”

“No, it’s alright.” Shota assuaged him. “Tacchon was worried he was getting too rough with me, so we broke up.”

“And the rest.” Subaru scoffed.

Maru looked puzzled.

“I got a call from a very panicky Ohkura one night.” Subaru continued, fuelling himself with a sip of tea. “He was calling from the hospital, where he’d had to take Shota.”

“It was only a dislocated shoulder...” Yasu protested weakly.

“Anyway.” Subaru gave Shota a light bat upside the head. “After that, I started looking after Shota, and Ohkura went to Ryo, and no one really talks about it.”

“So that’s why Tacchon stopped calling me.” Yasu mused, a deep look of concentration on his face as though suddenly everything made sense.

“Yes, Shota.” Subaru told him sagely. “That’s also why we started having sex.”

Yasu giggled endearingly. Maru nibbled on a slice of carrot and watched as the scene before him deteriorated into Subaru pouncing on the guitarist, tackling him to the floor, pulling his shirt off and tickling him until the giggle rose enough octaves to shatter glass. Maru politely feigned ignorance of the under table activities that led to Shota’s eventual silencing. Several minutes later the couple stood up and wiped their mouths. They grinned awkwardly at Ryuhei. The bassist considered leaving the pair of them to themselves, and set down his bowl, but that only resulted in Subaru jumping him instead while Yasu continued to giggle. It was at that point Ryuhei worked out the best way to silence the younger male.

Shota became oddly submissive the moment he was on his back, though whether that was some kind of Pavlovian response or a reaction to Maru straddling him and kissing him, Ryuhei wasn’t sure. Either way, Shota was a good kisser and Maru found himself turned on again. He could have kept kissing Shota, and possibly even ravished him then and there, but Subaru decided to interrupt them by poking them with his big toe and insisting they all move back to the bedroom.

This time it was Maru that was spread supine; across the bed so Shota could untie the sash of his robe and gradually peel it off, kissing each new patch of skin as it was exposed. Subaru seemed content to mostly watch, sitting by Ryuhei’s head and stroking the brunette’s face, occasionally punctuating it with little kisses that drove Maru mad in as many senses of the word as he could think of.

It was then that Shota's lips strayed down far enough to be indecent, and had Subaru not been holding him down, Maru would have sat up in irrational protest. For all the times Shota had tripped over his own tongue in speech, Maru had never imagined it would be able to work this smoothly and...fuck conscious thought. Yasu gave really good head.

Subaru’s tongue, meanwhile, was tracing languid yet skilful patterns along Maru’s jaw, activating areas not even Ryuhei would have suspected as erogenous zones. Not that he’d really had that much experience, but really, who would have thought that sucking little kisses just below his ear would have him quivering and moaning like he was now.

Much as Ryuhei was enjoying his treatment, and was willing to go along with whatever his obviously far-more-experienced band mates chose to do to him, the niggling part of him that suggested things like ‘breasts are nice – touch them’ and ‘don’t stare at friends’ penises too long’ was currently suggesting that he try and get a little more control over his situation.

Besides, Subaru had totally said that Shota loved it.

The singer’s tiny frame was no match for the determined son of one of Japan’s top bodybuilders, and so he sat and watched with serene amusement as Shota proved to be no match either, falling to his back, shrieking and flailing, under Maru’s weight and merciless tongue.

Two minutes later, a broadly grinning Yasuda was handcuffed to the headboard, giddy with delight at being given Subaru’s approval, and of course the prospect of what might happen to him while he was bound. He was tempted to ask that more of his old toys be brought out, but he feared Subaru would switch into protective mode again and then even the handcuffs would have to go. Shota couldn’t contain his excitement when a blindfold and cockring were also sanctioned, and then both older boys had to stop for a minute to admire the rapid rise and fall of the perfectly sculpted torso.

Subaru gave Maru a kiss on the cheek, as though that was the baton in the ‘who gets to have their wicked way with Yasuda’ relay. Conscious of Subaru watching him closely, Maru attempted to give Shota the best blow job he could. He wasn’t as practiced as Shota, and he was sure he was doing a far sloppier job, but Yasu seemed not to be complaining. After a while the small guitarist began to twitch, and Subaru gently pulled Maru back.

“You need this now.” The singer pressed a tube of lubricant into the bassist’s hand. “He can supposedly do without, but I think it’s easier and feels nicer with.”

“Um, how do I do this properly?” Maru asked, getting lost after the spreading Shota’s legs part. Subaru smiled indulgently and took Maru’s hand into his own. Wordlessly, he poured a small amount of lubricant on Maru’s fingers and guided them to Shota’s entrance. He smeared it around for a little before reshaping Maru’s hand so that one finger was extended, and Subaru’s own hand cocooned around it in the same shape.

Shota gasped and arched off the bed as the two different digits slipped easily inside him. Subaru suspected his boyfriend was acting, but dear sweet Maru didn’t suspect anything and that was probably the important thing. Guided by Subaru’s hand and Shota’s pleas, Maru began to thrust shallowly in and out of the young guitarist. Watching Yasu quiver was proving to be quite gratifying for the bassist, but not so much for the singer. Again, Maru was stopped. He turned his puppy eyes on the offender.

“Now, now.” Subaru answered the look. “It’s time for you to fuck him properly.”

“Oh, right.”

The rosy blush that spread across Maru’s cheeks proved too strong a temptation for Subaru to resist kissing him. Beneath them, Yasu keened unheeded. His cock was so hard it almost hurt, and he was completely at the mercy of the other two in regards to when he’d be able to come. This, of course, served only to turn him on more.

He allowed himself a small whimper, and was rewarded (or possibly punished – the line was blurred for Yasu) with a familiar cock being pressed past his lips. He immediately focussed all his attention on this, and barely heard Subaru’s last few instructions to Maru. Thus when Maru’s length slipped inside him he was genuinely surprised, but pleasantly so. Shota was even more surprised when warm, moist heat enveloped his own cock. It was getting really difficult to concentrate, but Shota may as well have been a trained professional for his ability to give good head in any circumstances.

Ryuhei was a little disappointed that Subaru was now blocking most of his view of Shota and muffling most of the guitarist’s whimpers. Then again, Subaru did have a sexy back. Skinny, and in need of a good feed, but still very sexy (Maru had a secret love of shoulder blades and the little vertebrae bumps). And he could just see Shota’s mop of pale hair between the pert cheeks of Subaru’s tiny little bottom, and how his blonde locks rippled as Maru thrust into him. He thrust a little harder just to see if it really was him doing that.

“Having fun, Ryu-chan?” Subaru asked suddenly, hair tickling Maru’s tummy and lips shining with saliva as he looked up.

Maru was considering kissing Subaru in response, but Yasu managed to buck his hips upwards demandingly and Subaru returned to that. Yasuda, being a prodigious uke, was also able to tighten his ring around Maru’s cock in the same fluid movement, making the bassist falter for a second before starting to thrust harder and faster.

Quite satisfied with the state of affairs (namely; the bruising his prostate was getting), Yasu proceeded to attend to Subaru’s erection with even greater zeal, and so it continued in a far-from-vicious cycle.

Shota’s status as an excellent fellator was reaffirmed when Subaru was the first to climax, sitting up as he did so that he could stifle his scream with Maru’s soft lips, his seed spilling on the flat plane of Yasu’s torso. Shota came next, likewise decorating his own belly with spurts of milky fluid. And when Maru’s peak hit only seconds after, he felt he had to join the club.

Subaru traced idle patterns in their mixed ejaculate as they all caught their breath. The masochist in Yasu that has been suppressed for so long quietly committed the ache of his good hard fuck to memory, so that it might keep him company some time in the future. Maru’s brain groped for pictures of breasts to see if he could remember if they turned him on as much as the sex just had. Unsurprisingly, he came up short.

“So, who’d like a bath?” Subaru asked once he’d finished lovingly inscribing all their names within a large, semen heart. Maru nodded. Shota purred.

After a couple of minutes, Subaru still hadn't moved to get up. Maru made a noise to question this. The singer looked up from his artwork on Shota's torso and smiled shyly.

"Oh, sorry. Shota and I had this thing. The seme usually runs the bath and then carries the uke into the bath. And you were seme, except, I can't carry Shota, and Shota can't carry me because he was the uke, so...can you carry me too?"

It took Ryuhei a few seconds to process all the relevant information, but when he had, he nodded.

Maru obligingly got up and drew a bath for them all. He could hear the other two giggling in the bedroom, and he joined them again as quickly as possible. Subaru had managed to render a quite graphic picture of Shota taking it from behind on the guitarist's torso. Maru chose to pick him up first, leaving Subaru with the difficult quandary of whether to follow his two lovers on foot or wait to be carried. Laziness won out, but didn't stop him singing out Ryuhei's name at the top of his lungs until the bassist returned and carried him.

Maru washed Shota, as Subaru proved too predisposed to molesting the youngest to actually get him clean. As a result, Maru received a good grope in Shota’s place. Somehow, all three of them managed to squeeze into the bathtub; Maru at the back with Yasu between his legs, and Subaru between Shota’s legs.

“Ne, Maru?” Subaru began after a long, but comfortable silence.


“Doing anything this Thursday after we finish work?”


“Wanna do me?”

“Me too!” Shota volunteered.

Maru nodded, and it was settled.


[User Picture]From: winged_kame
2007-08-15 11:57 pm (UTC)
Ah, the hotness! Very very fun and well written smut as usual from you! Thanks as always! Do you happen to have more info on the ep you mentioned, that would help me to find it to download? I want to see ^^;;
(Reply) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: makaeru
2007-08-16 09:48 am (UTC)
The date on the file is 21/11/06. I'd take caps, but for some reason I can't seem to. Even though this icon is a cap from said episode.

Oh well. Good luck finding it.
(Reply) (Parent) (Thread)
[User Picture]From: winged_kame
2007-08-16 09:56 am (UTC)
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