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Eighteen, Nineteen - The Crackfiction of MaKaeru [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Eighteen, Nineteen [Sep. 15th, 2007|04:56 am]


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Title: Strawberry Jam
Pairing: Subaru/Yasu
Rating: NC-17
Notes: Pretty much PWP.

The first thought through Shota’s head in the morning was definitely wow, was he sore. The next was that he was lying in bed at a really peculiar angle. The third was that Subaru was there. Yay!

Subaru stirred and gradually awoke. He made to stretch, but was obviously quite sore too because he whimpered and curled up rather sharply. Shota placed a gentle kiss on his lover’s forehead and stroked his hair. Subaru gave a sleepy purr and wriggled up against the warmth of the guitarist’s chest.

Shota wrapped his arms tightly around the older male and tried to remember all that had happened the previous night...


“Shota!" Subaru whined.

Yasu ignored him, as he had been doing for the past four hours. Even this hadn't deterred Subaru, and he continued to whine at the young guitarist. Yet despite Shota being utterly unperturbed, it was clear that the rest of their group was starting to get annoyed at the singer's antics. Finally, after three consecutive smacks on the head by Hina, Shota was forced to ask his boyfriend what exactly was wrong.

"Do you love me?" Subaru asked, looking up at Shota with imploring, dark eyes.

"You've been whining at me for four hours because you just need me to tell you something you already know?"

Subaru pouted.


"And why didn't you think that I loved you today?" Shota admonished lightly, stroking Subaru's hair and earning a look from Hina.

"Because last night."

"Because last night what?"

Subaru mumbled something Shota couldn't quite hear. Hina continued to glare.

"Shibuyan, I can't hear you when you talk into my navel."

"Because I wanted to be seme and you wouldn't let me."

"I didn't know you..."

"Oh, for heaven's sake you two." Hina snapped, obviously irritable because Yoko was going though another boob fetish phase and consequently not sleeping with him. "Even Ohkura and Ryo have learnt to get a room."

"And sometimes they even manage to lock the door." Yoko added helpfully, voice tinged with the bitter cynicism of someone who'd walked in on his friends too many times.

Ryo opened his mouth to protest his case, but never got too before Ohkura walked in, followed by a staff member who announced they were done and could go home. Ryo's first action was to bound over to Ohkura, packed bags already in hand, and kiss his boyfriend mindfully chastely before leading him out the door.

Despite not sleeping together, Yoko and Hina still went home together, sending meaningful glares in Shota's direction. Maru realised he was the only one in the room that wasn't in a couple, and promptly left for Kyoto.

"So shall we go then?" Shota asked, fingers tangling in Subaru's long hair, drawing a low purr from the older male.

"Can I be seme tonight?" Subaru asked shyly.

"Of course."

Subaru was oddly clingy for the car ride home, keeping one hand on Shota's knee as he drove, and sending bedroom eyes at him whenever they stopped. Shota reciprocated the loving gazes, of course, his own hand on top of Subaru's and their fingers intertwined.

Subaru's hands were down Shota's pants the second the front door was closed, kneading roughly and making the younger male groan.

“Shibuyan...” was all the guitarist managed to get out, riding Subaru’s hand, hopelessly in pleasure. “Here?”

“I want you. Everywhere.”

Shota yelped as he was spun around and tripped over the genkan step. Subaru controlled his fall, one hand clinging tightly to the fabric of Yasu’s shirt while the other continued to rub his mental coherency clean away. Shota was supine now, feet dangling over the edge of the step and Subaru on top of him, all heat and pressure and lust. He was only dimly aware of his shoes being kicked off, and then Subaru was lifting him up and dragging him down the hall and through the nearest doorway.

It was the kitchen, and then Shota realised his shirt was open and Subaru was biting his nipples. With a groan he stumbled back and slumped into a convenient chair. Subaru was on his lap immediately, hand out of his pants and tangling in his hair, holding their faces together as they kissed. It wasn’t until Subaru rocked his hips and Shota gasped that the younger male remembered to breath.

There was a sudden stickiness on his stomach and briefly Shota wondered if he’d come that quickly. Then he looked down and saw the singer licking strawberry jam off his chest and he nearly did come. Subaru glanced up, and the eye contact made it unbearable to do anything else but kiss the singer. Strawberry jam tasted all the more sweet from the secondary source.

Between them, the remaining jam squelched, making Subaru giggle and Shota break the kiss so he could try torso jam. Subaru shrieked at least three octaves higher than he ever got on stage when Shota’s tongue found his navel piercing, and Shota decided that the angle was uncomfortable and hoisted Subaru onto the table. The singer’s pants were gone in a flash and on the other side of the room, something inconsequential smashed.

Subaru was giggling again as Yasuda licked him clean, moving onto Subaru’s precum when the jam ran out. That was when Subaru gasped and his head flew back. For someone who had supposedly been straight for so long, Shota sucked cock like an expert.

And then Subaru’s thought processes stopped because Yasu had grabbed his knees and flicked him backwards so he was supine and Shota’s tongue could go even lower.

“Oh fuck.” Subaru whimpered, his ring already twitching in involuntary anticipation.

“Want me to?” Shota growled, voice low and sending shivers straight down Subaru’s spine and between his legs.

“But I...”

Yasuda sucked that spot behind his balls.

“...seme later.”

Shota grinned, absurdly bright for the situation, and continued his unorthodox preparation and...was that jam he was using as lube? Oh well. Subaru didn’t care. Shota hooked Subaru’s knees over his shoulders and drove smoothly into the older male.

It almost hurt, except it felt so good and Subaru couldn’t really tell the difference between the two at times like this. All he knew was that Shota was there and Shota was doing this to him and he wanted Shota so much. Yasu was thrusting into him so hard now that his hips were lifted on the table. Subaru’s back arched and his hands went up above his head, scrabbling for purchase so he could get to that angle where Shota would hit that spot in him just so.

However, Yasuda seemed to find that angle all by himself and Subaru’s senses were so overloaded as he came that he couldn’t see, hear or feel anything but a bright warmth for several seconds afterwards. When he did come to, Shota was cleaning him up, tongue travelling wetly over Subaru’s stomach that seemed to have been covered anew in strawberry jam.

Subaru attempted to speak, but croaked instead. Shota made eye contact and smiled wickedly, eyes twinkling with that competitive beat-that-for-an-orgasm gleam.

“Come on.” He whispered, voice husky. “You can top me properly in bed.”

Subaru shook his head weakly.

“Shower.” He told the younger male. Shota looked confused for a second, then smiled.

“We should probably wash the jam off, shouldn’t we?” He said.

Subaru shook his head again.

“No, I want to fuck you through the shower wall.”

Despite himself, excitement at the prospect coursed through his body and settled in his groin. Subaru cocked his head to the side and grinned evilly, the expression asking what Shota thought of the idea.

“Yes please.”

Subaru grabbed the guitarist’s hand ad dragged him through the halls until they got to the bathroom. Shota found his back pressed to the cool tiles while Subaru’s hot lips met his own. It wasn’t as demanding a kiss as it could have been, but it still turned Shota on to be the one trapped against the wall for once.

The taps got turned on too, shooting freezing water on the pair until the temperature was rather hastily adjusted.

“Shibuyan!” Shota admonished, making a point of warming himself up in the hot water. “That was cold.”

“You!” Subaru retorted. “I have jam inside me!”

Shota decided the best option to placate the older one was to drop to his knees and attempt to clean the rest of the jam up with his tongue. Subaru was very close to telling Shota to do exactly the same thing he was doing with his tongue using another of his appendages when he forced himself to stop and remind himself he was supposed to be seme this time.

“Shota, please stop...” Subaru pleaded. When that didn’t work, the singer bent down and harshly pinched a nipple. Shota yelped but stopped nonetheless, falling back onto the tiled bathroom floor. In the few brief seconds where all Shota could do was stare dazedly up at the older male, Subaru knelt down and kissed him, making his position above the guitarist as obvious as he could.

Subaru’s fingers travelled down the smooth plain of Shota’s torso, teasing every little protrusion he could find. First it was Shota’s nipples, which begged to be teased as they hardened beneath his touch. Eventually Shota seemed to grow immune to it and stopped whimpering into his mouth. This was quite unsatisfactory, so Subaru stopped kissing him and bent further down to tug Shota’s navel piercing with his teeth.

Shota shrieked and fell flat on his back, knocking his head as he fell. He whimpered again in an entirely different way and Subaru immediately stopped.

“Sho, are you okay?”

Yasuda struggled to sit upright, shaking his head and blinking to clear his vision.

“Maybe the bathroom’s a bit dangerous...” He whispered, voice trailing off as Subaru leaned in to try and kiss it better.

“Shall we go to the bedroom then? Or...” another idea struck him “...would you like a bath?”

Shota beamed instantly.

“That would be nice.”

Subaru ran the bath while Shota washed himself, and then his unprotesting lover. Once both tasks were complete, they climbed into the bath, Shota sitting between Subaru’s legs and leaning back against the older male’s chest. Loving the simple feeling of closeness, Yasu interlaced his fingers with his boyfriends’. He could feel Subaru’s smile as the older male nuzzled his neck affectionately.

But, of course, Subaru had had ulterior motives from the start. Yasuda gasped as he felt a hardness pressing against the small of his back, and hands on his hips attempting to lift him up onto that hardness.

“Shibuyan!” Shota yelped, panic rising in his voice. “Aren’t you going to prepare me?”

“Shh...” Subaru soothed, fingers gently stroking the skin they rested on. “Relax.” He kissed the guitarist’s shoulder. “And pass me the lube.”

“But won’t it dissolve?”

“Vaseline then.”

Shota obliged, handing Subaru a pot of Vaseline that was normally used to keep his lips plump and moisturised. Subaru hummed softly to break the silence as he coated his fingers in the thick grease and slipped them under the water.

The younger male gasped as the first finger slid easily into him.

“There, that’s not so bad is it?” Subaru purred, kissing along the line of Shota’s neck where it met his shoulder. Yasu shook his head, no.

Subaru pumped his finger into the younger male in such a way that his sphincter reflexively loosened and offered no resistance to the second digit. It didn’t stop Shota from whimpering though, arching away from the touch because it felt more good than bad and his brain was trying to tell him it wasn’t supposed to be like that. Subaru hooked his fingers then, and the contact to Yasu’s prostate made the younger male throw his head back in unprotesting delight. Taking advantage of Shota’s open sprawl, the singer bit down on an exposed clavicle and made Shota moan and writhe and buck and threaten to...

“Not yet.” Subaru whispered harshly in his ear, squeezing the base of the guitarist’s cock with his free hand so he wouldn’t be able to come prematurely. “That wouldn’t be fair.”

Of course, Subaru himself wasn’t entirely unaffected by the whole affair. The sight, smell and feel of the young male twitching desperately on top of him was, in itself, almost enough for him to need a tight hand around the base of his own cock. But with both his hands being occupied, it would have to be Shota, and the thought of Shota’s hand around him...

Subaru bit down on his lover’s collarbone again to distract himself, licking the angry pink marks as they formed and hoping they wouldn’t bruise. Shota wriggled and whined, before calming himself down enough to whisper the words

“I’m ready.”

True to Subaru’s vague recollections of high school science, the Vaseline didn’t dissolve and allowed Subaru’s erection to slide easily past his lover’s already weakened defences. Yasu sighed and slumped back against the singer’s chest. Subaru, understanding immediately, whispered sweet nothings and stroked Shota’s abs tenderly until the young guitarist had adjusted, and began to move of his own accord.

Subaru’s hands slipped down to his lover’s narrow hips, holding them steady to maintain the rhythm even as Shota twitched and spasmed with almost unfamiliar, perverse pleasure. Water sloshed over the edges of the tub, and the singer found himself liking the repetitive slap of spilt that marked their act. Absently, he hummed a tune along to the beat he’d set up, and when Shota’s voice joined in, it spurred Subaru on to further heights...or perhaps depths...and Shota’s voice soon dissolved into a gargle of ineloquent desire.

It took barely more than another two thrusts to push Shota to his peak, and he slumped backwards against his older lover, a pale, white plume gracing the turbulent water. Shota’s convulsions were delicious around Subaru’s cock, and almost unused to the sensations, they sent him over the edge in a fuzzy wave of warm euphoria.

Shota shifted a little so his weight was not pressing down on Subaru’s delicate chest, and the two lay in pleasant stillness until they’d recovered their breath.

“Now I’m sticky inside.” Shota bemoaned lightly, stroking Subaru’s hand as it still rested on his hip.

“Then you know how I feel.” Subaru countered, nuzzling the crook of Yasuda’s neck and drinking in the heady smell of their very recent sex. “Jam?”

“You started it.”

“I know I did.”

Subaru pulled his hands closer together, and Shota rolled over in the loose embrace so he could kiss lips still engorged from orgasm.

“I’m getting sleepy, and I don’t think this is going to be the best place to sleep.”

“No.” Subaru concurred. “Bed?”


The next day, their band mates were treated to a barely discernibly limping Shota feeding strawberry jam toast to a blushing Subaru. Hina gave his own boyfriend a questioning look. Yoko grimaced.

“I’d remind you of the conversation yesterday that obviously led to this, but then I’d have to remember it myself.”

Yasu wiped crumbs off Subaru’s lips with a delicate sweep of his tongue.

“Too late.” Hina lamented.

Ryo and Ohkura ran off to get themselves a room.

Title: Best Birthday Present Ever
Pairing: Maru, Baru, Yasu.
Rating: NC-17
Notes: Yeah, pairing = threesome = stupid English language.
Happy Birthday, Sho.

"Ne, Shochan, what do you want for your birthday?"

Yasuda looked up from the magazine he'd been flicking through, expression thoughtful.

"What are the limits?"

Previous birthdays had seen limits on time, cost and general practicality. Subaru shrugged.

"Tell me what you want, and I'll tell you if it's possible."

Almost immediately Yasu answered
"Maru. I want you and him both." Subaru suspected there'd been some thought gone into the idea, especially when Shota added "And I want to be tied up and blindfolded."

“You know I don’t like tying you up...” Subaru protested. “And I like to see your pretty brown eyes.”

Shota sighed in a way that told Subaru his boyfriend was going to get his way, like it or not.

“Well, I guess if that’s the limitation on it, I can deal with it.”

Subaru had reached for his phone before the young guitarist had even finished his sentence. Shota beamed as he heard Ryuhei’s voice faintly on the other end.

“Hi Maru-chan...not much...yeah, wait a sec. No wait, um, I won’t tell him happy birthday now because he wants you to come over...Yes, that does mean sex. Hang on a sec...”

Yasu pouted as Subaru left the room and his hearing range, though secretly he was thrilled that they were conspiring. Setting his magazine aside, he stood up and stretched before sauntering towards the bathroom. The thought of being taken by two of the men he loved most in the world was already causing a fluttering heat to start pooling low in his abdomen. He only showered, but washed himself thoroughly. He was just about done when a pair of skinny arms wrapped themselves around his waist, demanding that Shota turn around and kiss their owner. Shota complied.

Subaru was ever mindful that his stamina compared pitifully to Yasu’s, so he didn’t let their shower romp extend too much beyond simple kissing and a bit of light stroking. Shota seemed to understand without being told, much to the singer’s relief. As some form of gratitude, Subaru lovingly dried Shota with a nice fluffy towel and led him to bed. Ideally, he would have carried him, but long ago it was established that if someone were to carry the other, that other would definitely be Subaru.

Shota gasped in delight in the bedroom, then threw himself at the bed.

“Like them?” Subaru questioned softly. Yasu continued to roll sensually around on the new, red satin sheets. Subaru nodded to himself and joined the guitarist. The sheets certainly did feel lovely, and lent themselves quite well to doing erotic things, like leaning over to kiss his boyfriend, but Shota stopped him.

“If you don’t tie me up now, you’re never going to.” Shota whispered, lips agonisingly close to Subaru’s and yet unyielding. The older male grumbled and got up. “And don’t forget the blindfold, please.” Shota added, wriggling into a position of vulnerability so Subaru could take advantage of him.

The blindfold and ropes were soon in place. Yasu keened a little to where he thought he could sense movement, and was rewarded with a kiss. However, it was not Subaru’s lips he connected with.

“Maru!” Yasu squealed in delight, though his voice was somewhat muffled by the bassist’s mouth.

“Happy Birthday, Sho.”

“Thank you.”

Shota’s cock had already stirred to life, and Subaru’s sudden decision to fellate him drew another squeal.

“You’re a weird one, Sho.” Maru teased, calloused fingers tracing patterns along all the most sensitive parts of the youngest male’s broad chest. “Wanting a threesome for your birthday.”

“I always want you.” Yasu countered breathlessly.

“I’ll tell you a secret.” Maru had just found that one spot only Subaru had known about and Shota twitched. “It doesn’t need to be your birthday for you to have me.”

If Shota had been sensible enough to reply, he couldn’t have because Maru’s lips were hard up against his again, kissing him as roughly as Subaru wouldn’t.

Yasuda had just about been teased, kissed, nibbled and stroked to the edge when suddenly it stopped. Whimpering at the loss of sensation, he rolled over to face the side of the bed that felt like it was supporting the most weight and gave desperate puppy eyes (though they were covered).

And then the very obvious noises of Maru and Baru getting it on started.

Shota screamed.

The bed creaked and dipped as his friends moved, and a bottle of lube snapped open. Shota groaned and curled up into the foetal position, trying to get the friction he wanted from his incapacitated hands from his legs. Of course, it didn’t work, and the small guitarist descended deeper into madness as beside him, Subaru’s fingers delved deeper into Maru’s hole.

After a couple of minutes, the two older boys noticed Shota thrusting desperately against his own thigh. Subaru laughed while Maru teased, words punctuated by dramatised gasps.

“Subaru’s fucking me, Sho, and it feels so good. Would you like to fuck me next?”

“He’s so tight.” Subaru added helpfully. “Tighter than I am, even.”

Shota groaned and shook his head.


“What was that, Shochan?” Subaru sung, voice in rhythm with his thrusts.


“Do you want me to fuck you, Sho?”

Yasuda nodded his head so hard it made the bed rock.

“Do you want to feel Ryuhei here?”

The two wet fingers that Subaru pushed inside him were enough to make the guitarist come instantly.

When the euphoric numbness dissipated, the bassist’s (big) cock was already in him. He took Yasu’s gargle of pleasure to be one of consent, and began fucking the small guitarist. Hard.

Subaru, being of a contrary nature (and also quite fond of being taken from behind), sped up the process of Shota’s recovery by placing feather light kisses along the guitarist’s exquisite torso, while his fingers traced soft patterns along each his face and inner thigh. True to form, Yasuda was hard again in more a matter of seconds than of minutes. He greeted the familiar erection with a sloppy kiss, while its owner mumbled vague pleading threats. The singer might have teased him more, but Ryuhei had left him unsated and if he left Shota any longer, he was bound to have a repeat experience.

Ryuhei slowed his pace a little as Subaru mounted their young band mate, though the temptation to buck into him through Shota’s body proved too much, and Yasu found himself sheathed in Subaru with virtually no warning for either of the pair.

“Maru-chan...” Subaru admonished as he resettled himself a little more comfortably. “That wasn’t fair.”

Maru, almost too far gone in his excitement at the situation, chose to kiss Subaru harshly rather than formulate an answer. The singer was soon kissing back; one hand saved for balance while the other tethered him to the bassist’s face. Maru managed to spare a hand from Shota’s knee to stroke the singer’s rippled torso and make him sing like he never did in concerts.

Beneath them, Yasuda moaned desperately.
“Want to watch!”

“You chose the blindfold.” Subaru reminded him.

The guitarist thrashed desperately for a minute to try and dislodge the silken scarf. Finally sighting his lovers soft brown eyes, dilated with lust and envy, pushed Subaru over the edge, triggering a shockwave of pleasure through the sweaty tangle of limbs they’d become until all three boys were throbbing in ultimate bliss.

Subaru’s fingers were shaking as he freed his lover from his bonds, and with Ryuhei’s help, life was massaged back into Shota’s clenched hands.

“Happy birthday, Sho.” Maru whispered, snuggling up to Shota’s side – Subaru opposite him so the guitarist was in the middle.

“Mmm, happy birthday.” Subaru agreed, placing a tender kiss on the side of Yasu’s mouth (an action which Maru soon mirrored). “I love you.”

Shota beamed through sweaty bangs and the post-coital haze of orgasm.

“Best birthday present ever.”


[User Picture]From: winged_kame
2007-09-14 09:23 pm (UTC)
Another two very hot fics from you ^__^ Thanks!
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From: (Anonymous)
2007-09-16 05:37 am (UTC)
Hot and hot. Though I won't be able to look at strawberry jam and not giggle for a while now.
I like it.
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