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Chocolate the Twenty-Fourth - The Crackfiction of MaKaeru [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Chocolate the Twenty-Fourth [Oct. 19th, 2007|09:21 pm]


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Title: It started with a kiss
Pairing: Ohkura/Ryo/Subaru/Yasu
Rating: NC-17
Notes: First off, Ohkura kissed Yasu in concert. Then Ryo and Subs kissed. If you didn't know this, where have you been?

Thousands of eyes were trained on them as Ohkura pulled Yasu, face covered in cream from his birthday cake, into a light kiss. Screaming erupted from all sides as Ohkura thumbed a gob of cream off his lips and smirked at the guitarist, who was grinning in that endearing, stupefied way. Ryo and Subaru, however, were not impressed, and they made sure to let their respective boyfriends know the minute they got backstage.

“I’m sorry.” Shota apologised to Subaru, trying his best to look it despite the rosy flush of excitement in his cheeks. “I didn’t know he was going to do that.”

Subaru clucked. He would have passed comment, had Ryo not just stumbled out of the bathrooms looking very sheepish. Subaru left his boyfriend to chat with the smug drummer who’d followed Ryo out of the shower, and pulled Ryo down into a couch.

“One day...” Ryo mumbled, “One day I’m going to let him know that a blow job is not a valid apology.”

Subaru shrugged.

“I’m still trying to convince Shota that the best apology is one made on your knees.”

Ryo gave a small laugh at that.

“I guess I wouldn’t hate it so much, except he honestly thinks that fucking me senseless is going to make me forget that I’m pissed.”

“And it doesn’t work?”

Ryo grimaced.

“The problem is; it sometimes does.”

“There, there.” Subaru patted the younger singer’s knee. “We’ll get our revenge.”

“Revenge?” Ryo perked up. Subaru nodded.

“Provided you’re not averse to kissing me on stage.”

Ryo glanced over at his boyfriend, who seemed, for all intents and purposes, to be flirting with Yasu. His resolve hardened.

“Deal.” He agreed with a grin.

At the next few concerts, Ryo and Subaru feigned kisses, lips never actually touching. Ohkura thought nothing of it, assuming what they were doing was fanservice. As did Shota, because last time Subaru had done his bi-monthly Google of himself, they’d discovered a large community of people that seemed to honestly believe Ryo and Subaru were doing physically impossible things to each other. At the same time, some of the pictures and fictional works that had come up had got Shota a little hot under his collar. Maybe Subaru was just pretending to kiss Ryo because he knew Shota got off on it. He wondered if a threesome was on the cards.

And then the final concert came.

“Tonight, we’ll actually kiss.” Subaru reminded Ryo, lightly stroking the other singer’s arm.

“I know that.” Ryo admonished lightly, swatting the arm away.

“Do you think we should practice?”

The brief pause was all the opportunity Subaru needed to cup the younger male’s face and give him a quick peck anyway. Ryo frowned and made a show of wiping his mouth, then grinned idiotically at Subaru’s back as the older vocalist bounded up on stage before him.

Shota was a little confused when Ryo and Subaru actually kissed. They’d been saying they were going to do it, but he still hadn’t actually expected them to do it. He thought Subaru was too much of a tease. Ohkura understood what was happening, though, and accepted the serving of revenge quietly and gracefully.

Ryo felt something nearing an electric jolt when his lips met Subaru’s. Judging by the reflection of his emotions in Subaru’s face, he was looking like a pathetic lovesick puppy. Honestly, he didn’t care.

He was still buzzed when they ran off stage at the end. Subaru grabbed his hand and Ryo squeezed it back. Without even waiting for their boyfriends, they caught a taxi straight back to their hotel. It was there that they remembered to shower, and giggling like school girls, they bathed together.

They were asleep, curled up in bed together by the time the others got back. It was Subaru’s room, and he had been sharing it with Yasu. Yasu, being somewhat tired after the concert, wanted to sleep. Naturally, he went to his room.

The indignant yell of
“SHIBUYAN!” brought Ohkura running, and kept the others, who had worked out what was probably going on, clear away.

Ohkura swore at the sight. Louder when Ryo sat up and didn’t have anything on his top half. When Subaru sat up too, equally half-naked, Shota burst into tears.

“Shochan...” Subaru called, crawling out of bed – Ohkura was relieved to see he was actually wearing boxers, “Shochan, it’s not what it looks like.”

Ohkura looked at Ryo expectantly.

“I’m wearing undies too.” Ryo answered with a shrug. “And we didn’t have sex.”

“Although.” Subaru cut in, still hugging Shota on the floor. “With all this sexual tension, we could probably do with some sex.”

Shota stopped crying with an abrupt hiccup. Ohkura continued to look sceptical.

“Shochan, you liked those pictures, didn’t you?” Subaru encouraged.

Yasu hiccuped and blushed.

“And Tacchon, you’re a bit of a voyeur, aren’t you?”

Ohkura’s look of indignation stayed believable for a mere three seconds.

“Ryo, are you up for it?”

Ryo grinned and threw the bedcovers off.

Subaru bounded over and straddled the younger singer, pinning him to the bed and kissing him passionately.

Ohkura looked at Yasuda.


Shota shrugged.

“Apparently, there are a lot of people on the internet that would like to watch them do that.”

Ohkura nodded, glancing back over at the bed, where Ryo and Subaru were already naked. Subaru caught Ohkura looking and threw Ryo’s boxers at him.

“You know what, Yasu?” Ohkura’s jaw set in determination as he peeled Ryo’s undies off his face. “I think I’ve had enough watching.”

Shota yelped obligatory, and then kissed Ohkura right back. After a little while he decided it was uncomfortable bending down to kiss the guitarist, so he threw him on the bed beside Ryo and kissed him harder. He was aware of Ryo watching and Subaru softly snickering, but that only encouraged him to ignore them and focus simply on Shota.

Of course, Ryo and Subaru being naked and horny were not content to watch their respective boyfriends kissing while still fully clothed. With a conspiratorial glance at each other, they leapt on the oblivious pair and began tugging shirts and pants off. Ryo wrestled with Yasu, who seemed to forget momentarily that it was an orgy, not a mugging. When he did remember though, he gladly let Ryo continue disrobing him, and then kissed him in some kind of gratitude.

“I love watching ukes kiss.” Ohkura told Subaru. Subaru, who had been working on reinforcing the semi-erect cock that had come out of Ohkura’s trousers, stopped sucking and gave the youngest a questioning look. Even Yasu stopped nibbling Ryo’s earlobes to look at the drummer. Ohkura’s brow furrowed. “What?”

Shota whispered a suggestion into Ryo’s ear, and the young singer giggled in mirth. Still oblivious, Ohkura looked to Subaru for an answer. It was while his attention was thus diverted that the other two struck. The drummer soon found himself flat on his back, pinned down beneath three bodies that, while each smaller than his, provided a combined mass that affixed him very firmly to the bed.

“Silly Tacchon.” Yasu giggled, still in a way that suggested exactly the opposite of what Ohkura was about to discover. “I’m not the uke. Shibuyan is.”


Shota giggled again and dipped down to tease parts of Ohkura that the drummer had never expected would be teased, nor that, in the event of them getting teased, would feel so peculiarly good.

“Oh.” He said again.

“Please let me do this, Tacchon.” Shota implored, though his tone still suggested there was a chance for Ohkura to opt out without hard feelings from the others. While the drummer was thinking these thoughts, Shota disappeared below his line of sight again to lick delicately around Ohkura’s pucker, spiralling inwards until his tongue mimicked what his suggestion implied.

“Okay.” Tadayoshi consented, finding it hard not to simply blurt out ‘fuck me’ as he was tempted to.

Subaru turned to Ryo.

“Have you ever been seme?”

“Have you?”

“Of course I have. Shota and mine relationship is built on trust, and if Shota will not trust me to be seme with him, I shouldn’t be expected to trust him as my seme.” He paused and turned to Ohkura. “Not that Shota can’t be trusted as seme, because really, he is fantastic.”

Ohkura, who now had one of the guitarist’s fingers probing his insides, could do nothing but gurgle in response.

“Oh.” Ryo looked a little confused.

“You’ve never been seme, have you?” Subaru asked gently.

“No.” Ryo admitted shyly. “I didn’t know you really could change roles like that.”

Subaru smiled encouragingly.

“There should always be room for experimentation. Now, just lie down and I’ll show you how good it feels.”

Still looking slightly concerned, Ryo allowed himself to be stretched out on his back. He was a little worried he wasn’t going to be able to get an erection for his nervousness, but then Subaru started kissing him again and he was alright with that. And the little clucking noises Ohkura was making next to him – sounds Ryo had never heard him make before but wanted to hear him make again now – well, those were sort of turning him on. Subaru seemed to note this, and soon his clever, slightly calloused fingers were doing things to Ryo’s cock and balls that completely dispelled all his previous fears of not being able to get it up.

“We’re a little behind them.” Subaru mumbled in to Ryo’s groin before sitting up. Shota, who now has two fingers inside the insensible drummer, handed his lover the tube of lubricant that had probably still been floating around in the bed, and Subaru thanked him with a kiss. The older singer passed the tube of jelly to the younger one, then straddled him on his knees to allow fairly easy access. “Alright, now put some lube on your finger and start poking around inside me.”

“I know about preparation.” Ryo mumbled sullenly, still doing what he was told.

“Oh yeah? From being fingerfucked yourself? Or have you actually prepared someone else?”

Ryo’s cheeks flamed.

“Tacchon likes making me prepare myself.”

Subaru was surprised, and while his guard was down, Ryo crossed two fingers and pushed them inside the eldest. He gasped, but quickly regained his composure.

“Okay, well, we seem to have caught up to them now.”

Ryo chuckled.

“You’re actually enjoying this, aren’t you?” Subaru shook his head. “Well, good for you.”

With a sideways glance at Yasu – who was just starting to push his erection into an unprotesting Ohkura, Subaru guided Ryo’s fingers out of himself and lowered himself down onto the younger male’s cock. There was a considerable size difference between this and what Subaru was used to, and the eldest had to bite his lip. Luckily Ryo seemed to realise he shouldn’t start thrusting yet.

Scratch that. Ohkura seemed to have realised Ryo’s mouth wasn’t doing anything and claimed it in an almost brutal kiss.

Yasu shrugged, then thrust a little harder into Ohkura to make him groan and pull back from the kiss. Just as he turned his head back, Subaru clenched himself around Ryo and the younger vocalist had to roll his head away with a loud moan. The process continued for a minute until Ryo realised he could get his revenge by grabbing Subaru’s narrow hips and bucking up hard into him.

“Do that again.” Subaru demanded, voice suddenly ragged. “Fuck me Ryo.”

Ohkura looked at Shota with the sort of expression that said ‘I’ll have what he’s having’, and both semes obliged quite gladly.

Nobody lasted particularly long after that. Working out what order they each climaxed in would have required more brain power than any of them had to spare at the time. They all collapsed into a messy jumble of sweaty limbs.

After a few minutes lying like that, their bodies began to cool. Subaru struggled almost upright so he could drag the quilt up over them all.

“You know,” Ryo began, snuggling up to Subaru because his boyfriend’s arms were occupied by Shota, “I kinda feel bad for messing up the sheets.”

“Oh, don’t worry.” Shota mumbled. “Subaru and I already did that.”

Ryo was the last to fall asleep.

(Though by the time he did fall asleep, he was less worried about lying in a pool of Subaru’s semen – his chest was covered in it after all – and more happy to be surrounded by such wonderful friends.)


[User Picture]From: winged_kame
2007-10-19 11:52 am (UTC)
Yay for orgies! Yay for another hot fic from you! ^__^
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[User Picture]From: sisterjune
2007-10-20 10:51 pm (UTC)
Yay porn! XD I do love your fics. I've read bunches but only stopped lurking now. I loved this, since I appreciate both couples in the fic. Oh yeah and I read sleep together yesterday. OMG THE SECOND CHAPTER MADE ME FAINT FROM HOTNESS. The tension was built up very well. Oh sorry I guess this isn't that relevant to this fic but I liked it so much I wanted you to know! :D

expect more flaily comments in the future from me!
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