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Save A Drum, Bang A Drummer PART TWO - The Crackfiction of MaKaeru [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Save A Drum, Bang A Drummer PART TWO [Oct. 31st, 2007|01:24 am]


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Title: Save A Drum, Bang A Drummer
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: OhYass main. Subs/Maru. Others. Read it yourself.
Notes: Okay, so this is going to be a chapterfic now. I blame koneho, ichigohime and tsubabuns.

Ohkura was rather pleased when the perky little blonde was there again the next week. Not that he allowed his pleasure to show as he performed. His trademark character was cool and a little spaced out, after all. However, when Shota grinned broadly and waved excitedly, he couldn’t help but give the smaller boy a quick half smile.

The drummer forced himself to concentrate on his drumming for the rest of his set after that. He finished flawlessly and sauntered off stage, catching a glimpse of the blonde applauding vigorously out of the corner of his eye as he turned. Ohkura was looking forward to the chance to spend another evening with Shota, but couldn’t find it in himself to simply walk off the stage and into the blonde’s lap. He was a rent boy, and had to keep his affections in check. Even if it was Free Choice Friday – the boys got to choose which guest they slept with, rather than the other way around, for a bit of an interesting change.

Ohkura shook his head as if to clear it, and while not watching where he was going, walked into the warm solid mass of two bodies pressed against each other.

“Oh, for god’s sake, guys.” He moaned, instantly recognising the pair as Subaru and Ryuhei. “There are bedrooms for that. And even those stupid curtained alcoves if you’re that insistent on having a backstage fumble.”

“Sounds like someone needs a shag.” Subaru giggled.

“Which is pretty funny for a sex worker.” Maru concluded with a conspiratorial chuckle.

The pair resumed their earlier kiss.

“Just because you jumped on the monogamy boat Mr I-used-to-be-the-top-host-but-then-I-fell-in-love-with-my-top-client-and-now-we’re-all-stupid-and-monogamous-and-stupid-stupid...” Ohkura mumbled, pushing past them so he could get changed.

Apparently, they elected not to hear, and instead disappeared (thankfully) behind the curtains.

Ohkura reached the dressing room and stripped out of his sweaty performance clothes. Not that it took him long to undress, but he was already naked by the time he noticed Uchi Hiroki sitting there grinning stupidly.

“Not you too!” Tadayoshi moaned, throwing his shucked pants at the young male. “Aren’t you supposed to be on the door still?”

“It’s my break.” Hiroki explained, neatly folding Ohkura’s trousers up before dumping them in the laundry hamper. “And guess what?”

“Your boyfriend is here.” Ohkura guessed.

Hiroki nodded and grinned stupidly.

“Did you see him?”


“Oh.” Uchi considered this for a second. “Perhaps it’s because you were staring too hard at that cute blonde...Yasuda? Yasuda Shota?”

Ohkura just caught himself before he would have nodded and admitted his guilt. Instead he diverted the subject a little.

“Well, why don’t you go see Ryo?”

Hiroki pouted.

“You know I’m not allowed in the club, even on my breaks. Can you send him backstage for me?”

Ohkura groaned and rolled his eyes.

“On one condition.”


“You go somewhere I won’t be able to see or hear you for your quickie.”

Uchi grinned and nodded emphatically. Ohkura finished pulling on his change of clothes – a dark pair of jeans and a thin, brown V-necked T-shirt that left little to the imagination.

“And I’m sure you owe me something for this.”

“How about I let your blonde in for free next week?”

Ohkura dug his trousers out of the dirty clothes hamper just so he could throw them at Hiroki’s head again.

Shota’s heart leapt when Ohkura finally emerged from wherever he’d been and into the lounge. He was a little surprised at himself for taking a liking to the enigmatic (well, enigmatic to Shota who probably didn’t understand the rules and etiquettes associated with establishments such as this) drummer after just one night of, admittedly, the most fantastic sex he’d ever had.

He was disappointed when Tadayoshi breezed right past him and seated himself next to a sultry, raven-haired boy whose dopey expression probably yelled ‘fuck me’ louder than Shota’s did. Shota pouted and considered getting up and leaving. The stupid other person that his Tadayoshi was talking to looked excited. Well, Yasu should at least finish his drink first. Maru, in addition to being a talented lover according to tales Subaru told and Shota didn’t want to hear, was quite a skilful barman.

“Uchi is waiting backstage for you.” Ohkura told Ryo in a bored tone. Ryo perked up.

“How long has he got?”

“About four inches.”


“Half an hour, stud, go get him.”

“I think your boyfriend is jealous of me.”

Ohkura mentally berated himself as reflex turned him around to look at the small blonde, who was drinking his cocktail with a glum expression.

“Not my boyfriend, I hate you, go find Uchi and be gone with you!”

“Thanks Tacchon.” Ryo stood up and kissed his friend on the mouth. Ohkura caught Shota looking, and experimentally held the kiss a little longer. Ryo soon realised what was going on, and pushed the drummer off with a chuckle. “Now go do that to him.”

Shota’s eyes went wide in something resembling panic when Ohkura dropped himself onto the couch beside him.

“Did you miss me?” The drummer purred in his most sultry voice.

“Who was that?” Shota asked, words barely above a whisper and hands nervously fidgeting with his cocktail umbrella.

“Were you jealous?” Ohkura’s hand slipped beneath the table – there was a reason the tables were skirted – and began to knead Shota’s groin. “Did it turn you on, watching me kiss another man?”

If that hadn’t turned Shota on, the practiced hand down his pants did. He breathed a little whimper and stopped fidgeting with the umbrella to grip the table edge. Ohkura breathed into his ear a little, too annoyed at all his friends to think of anything else vaguely erotic and continued to squeeze. Shota responded quite well though, arching up a little into the touch.

“Now, now Shota.” Ohkura whispered. “We’re in the middle of a packed club. Do you really want everyone to know you’re getting a hand job?”

Apparently the blonde was kinkier than he thought. The mention of exhibitionism had pushed him over the edge.

“I’m not normally this easy.” Yasuda protested weakly.

“Sure you’re not.” Ohkura reassured him briefly, observing mentally that he himself was professionally easy. He tucked Shota back into his pants and zipped him up. “Now let’s get upstairs so I can fuck you properly.”

Shota complied, wobbling backstage on jelly legs behind the tall and infuriatingly stable drummer. Apparently your recovery time becomes drastically shorter when faced with a ridiculously attractive drummer with long fingers and a deep voice. Also, you need blood to run quickly enough to follow said drummer. Yasu whimpered and staggered a little. When Ohkura slowed down a little, Shota wasn’t sure if he was glad or not.

Soon they reached a room, and Yasu couldn’t work out if it was the same room as last week or not, and whether it mattered or not. He had a feeling it was different when Tadayoshi opened the door, and instead of red satin, everything was draped with blue cotton.

“Blue is my favourite colour!” Shota squealed in delight.

“Really? I’d never have guessed.”

Shota, dressed in indigo jeans, a blue tank top with sparkly blue butterflies printed on it, and a pale blue shirt, missed the sarcasm of the comment entirely. He was still admiring the room when Ohkura flipped him onto the bed and began the standard ravaging procedure.

Tadayoshi started by nudging up the hem of Shota’s undershirt, kissing the lovely toned belly as it was exposed. He let himself squeal a little in delight when he discovered Yasuda’s navel piercing – he had a genuine thing for those – and he made sure to tug at it lightly and lick the skin around and beneath it as he’d been told by previous lovers felt good. Judging by Shota’s otherwise incomprehensible babble, he was in agreement with them.

Ohkura nudged the shirt up further, admiring the smaller male’s perfectly sculpted torso as he went, until he reached the small, dark nipples. Each of them hardened under his tongue in such a satisfying way. One of Shota’s hands had found its way onto Ohkura’s shoulder, and the drummer took the gentle squeezes as positive feedback.

Shota’s grip seemed to be trying to drag him upwards, so Ohkura made sure he took his damn sweet time complying. Shota keened an moaned, but never with enough desperation to remember his language capabilities. Finally Ohkura reached the blonde’s lips.

“What do you want me to do to you, Shota?” He whispered against the other’s mouth.

Yasuda chose to reply by kissing the drummer, arms entwining around the other’s head and body arching up in a desperate bid for a little pressure. Ohkura obliged, deftly undoing the blonde’s fly and slipping his hand into the still-sticky briefs. After only a minute, Yasu began pre-orgasmic twitches and Ohkura decided that just wouldn’t do. He immediately stopped his ministrations and sat up.

“Please...” Shota whimpered.

“Please what?” Ohkura teased, running a finger over the leaking slit of Shota’s erection. “I can’t do anything until you tell me what you want me to do.”

Shota let out a strangled scream of frustration. He was painfully close to his second orgasm of the evening and he wanted it to come. Ohkura’s pleasure didn’t really cross his mind until the drummer stood up and stripped and there was that lovely big cock that was going to go inside him until he was giddy with pleasure. Or, at this rate, giddier.

He didn’t even remember he was still dressed until Ohkura had him undressed in a few fluid motions. And then the drummer surprised him. He rolled onto the bed, picking Shota up as he went until he was on his back and the smaller male straddling him on top. While the blonde was still dazed, he found lube and a condom, and passed them to Shota.

“Why don’t you just show me what you’d like?” Ohkura asked, voice still that low teasing purr that made the blood pulse hotly through certain parts of his already engorged anatomy. After Shota recovered himself enough to take action, he rolled the condom onto the drummer’s erection, enjoying trying to fit his fingers around the girth of it, because they barely went.

Next he drizzled lube on. Unwilling to get his fingers sticky, Shota simply positioned himself above the other’s cock and sat down until just the head was inside him. He lifted the drummers hands to his sides, guiding them from his shoulders down, over his chest (Ohkura made sure to tease the blonde’s nipples while he was there), and finally to his hips. Getting the idea, Tadayoshi gripped the smaller male’s hips firmly and slammed him down, all the way down his erection.

“You really do like it rough, don’t you?” He questioned with a smile.

Shota grinned and nodded, pulling himself up a little so Ohkura could pull him down again. The process was repeated numerous times, until Shota could only bob like a hapless rag doll while the drummer pounded into him.

Understandably, Yasuda did not manage to hold off his climax for very long. Ohkura, being practiced in such things, managed to time his orgasm very closely. Or maybe that’s what he told himself, while the reality was that he liked the petite blonde more than he was going to admit.

Said petite blonde had just lost all ability to remain anything resembling upright, and had curled up to the drummer’s chest. Ohkura smiled, kissed the golden crown, and pulled the covers up.

The next morning at breakfast, Ryuhei had the audacity to laugh at him.


[User Picture]From: winged_kame
2007-10-30 06:33 pm (UTC)
Yay, more!! I'm happy you decided to continue this! Still loving it! <3
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