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Chocolate the Twenty-fifth - The Crackfiction of MaKaeru [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Chocolate the Twenty-fifth [Nov. 16th, 2007|11:58 am]


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Title: Picture Message
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Maru/Subaru/Yasu.
Notes: When plot bunnies attack...

Subaru had been having lunch with Yoko and Hina. He had been sitting there quietly eating his salad while Yoko and Hina battled over conversation topics; Yoko wanted to talk about something that had happened while filming Yukan Club, and Shingo wanted to explain exactly how surprising the surprise win of some football team he cared about over some other football team he sort of cared about – Subaru was basing this judgement solely on the fact that Shingo knew the club’s name – really was. Subaru wondered how long it had been since either of them had had sex. Clearly it was too long. Maybe all their problems would be solved if they had sex with each other. It would probably be less noisy. But then his mind got to wondering who would seme, and he concluded that the argument over who got the honour would probably be louder than the current one. Well, at least they’d get sex at the end of it.

Subaru sighed and stabbed at a cherry tomato, pouting when it resisted his fork and bounced off, skidded along the tabletop and rolled onto the floor. It was probably ruined, but still he bent down to pick it up out of consideration for the waitress, or anyone who might happen to step on the fruit and get pulp on their shoes. They’d be angry if they knew it could have been averted easily.

As Subaru’s head ducked past his bag, he heard the low beep of his phone, signalling a received message. He grabbed his phone and sat up, wincing as he bumped his head on the table. Shingo and Yoko were now arguing about something else. Subaru couldn’t be bothered listening long enough to discern the topic of conversation. He’s just flipped open his phone and was now confronted with an image of a naked person.

After a few seconds – Subaru had a feeling either Shingo or Kimi had made some comment about him having been rendered catatonic by his phone, but he was catatonic so he didn’t respond – Subaru noticed a few details. The naked person was naked. Like, really naked. The naked person was stretched out on their stomach, on someone’s bed somewhere, with absolutely no clothes on. You could only see the space between their lower back and mid-thigh, but it had been framed at an angle to maximise the view. The naked person had very nice, tight buttocks. Subaru appreciated a well-proportioned bottom, without being so crass as to say he was an ass man.

Subaru peered closer, pulling out his glasses for this task and harrumphing like the old man everyone reckoned he’s stolen them from. He made out a hand, clasped around something. With a shiver he recognised the short, decorated fingers. Cursing himself for not thinking to do so earlier, Subaru checked the number the message came from.

Shota’s phone.

Of course.

Subaru scoured the picture for some sort of clue to Shota’s whereabouts. Wherever his best friend was naked, he had to be there. The pale pink bed sheets looked familiar. And Shota’s hand was clasped around something that looked suspiciously like a pot of the brand of anal lube that Ryuhei preferred.

The small singer stood up abruptly, yelled the first word that wasn’t ‘they’rehavingsexwithoutme’ at his two friends and bolted from the café.

Yoko looked at Shingo. Shingo looked at Yoko. Subaru’s last word echoed from their lips in unison.


Looking around, they saw no evidence of the birds. Looking around further, they saw Subaru’s car speeding off into the distance.

“There goes our ride home.” Yoko lamented.

“After that parfait, you could do with a walk.” Shingo teased, poking his friend in the belly.

Yoko pouted while Shingo called a cab.

Subaru drove like a man possessed all the way to Kyoto. Ryuhei’s mother welcomed him in once he arrived, and Subaru had to struggle to maintain some composure and greet Maruyama-san with all due politeness.

“Is Ryu-chan home?” Subaru asked, pleading fairly evident in his voice.

“Yes, he’s upstairs in his bedroom with Yasuda-kun.”


Maruyama-san’s ‘you’re welcome’ fell on rapidly receding heels. Sighing, she picked up her shopping bag and left the boys to their own devices.

Subaru flung Ryuhei’s bedroom door open, fully ready, in his mind, to leap at the bed, rip off his clothes mid-air, and land on top of his band mates so that all three of them could have fantastic sexy naked sex.

He wasn’t expecting them to be sitting on the floor, playing Nintendo, fully clothed.

He slammed the door.

Then opened it again, some small part of him hoping that doing so would reset the scene to match the one in his imagination. To his disappointment, it didn’t. He stepped into the room anyway.

“I drove.” He told the pair.

Maru and Shota looked at the keys in Subaru’s hand, clenched so tightly that the singer’s knuckles had gone white.

“Hi Shibuyan.” Shota greeted his friend warmly, as if almost an hour ago he hadn’t been posing, naked, with a pot of his friend’s anal lubricant.

“Hi Subaru.” Maru echoed, pausing the game and setting his controller down.

“I drove my car.” Subaru reiterated, hands shaking slightly.

“Would you like some tea?” Ryuhei offered. “You must be tired after that trip.”

“I drove my car all the way here.”

“Ooh, I wonder what he’ll say next.” Shota told Ryuhei in a stage whisper.

“I drove my car all the way here, and you’re not naked.”

Ryuhei idly toyed with his shirt.

“Apparently not.”

At this point, Subaru dropped to the floor in tears, occasional words floating audibly through his sobs.

“They were arguing, and you were naked, and...”

“There, there.” Shota comforted, lifting the tiny singer onto the bed and stroking his hair.

It was while Subaru was still crying that Shota and Ryuhei put their plan in to effect. Shota managed to lift Subaru’s hands above his head and cuff them neatly to the headboard. Subaru hiccuped and wailed and didn’t notice. Shota gave the other a nod, and Ryuhei, who had been fiddling with Subaru’s belt, suddenly wrenched the singer’s pants off in one fluid motion.

Subaru stopped crying and stared. He lunged forward a little, as though instinctively trying to cover himself, and realised he was bound. Slow cognitive wheels began to turn, until someone stuck a metaphorical spanner in them. In literal terms, Yasu had just stuck his tongue in Ryuhei’s mouth and now the two of them were kissing at the end of the bed.

The kissing part got decidedly less chaste as they went on. Hands stopped roaming over clothes and began seeking the flesh beneath. Maru began making those little clucking noises in his throat that were implausibly sexy. Subaru keened towards them. The clink of cuffs drew the pair’s attention to him, and then their eyes traced their way down his body, coming to rest on his obvious interest in the matter. With his pants lying on the floor somewhere, it was fairly obvious too.

After what seemed like forever, Shota giggled and turned back to Ryuhei, and the pair resumed their earlier activity. Subaru whined pitifully, rocking from side to side within his bonds to try and attract their attention. He had the faint idea that if he gained enough momentum to roll completely over onto his side, he might be able to get some friction with the bed sheets, so he made that his goal while the other two ignored him.

Finally Subaru landed on his side. The cool sheets felt heavenly against his burning erection. Gently he thrust against them, whimpering in relief at the friction, only to attract the attention of his two lovers and find himself on his back again a moment later. Apparently, while he’d been busy focussing on his sideways bid, they’d been stripping each other, for now they sat on either side of him, completely naked. Maru, still holding Shota’s shirt, quickly threw it to the floor before chuckling. Subaru was made painfully aware of his own shirt, still covering his torso, though it had been rucked up a little by his endeavour.

Shota sensed his annoyance at the garment and with Maru’s help, they slipped his T-shirt up over his head, letting it pool at his bound wrists.

“Would you like to be a little more involved?” The blonde asked gently, tucking strands of hair behind Subaru’s ear with such a loving delicacy that Subaru wanted to yell at him. Instead, he nodded, making his pout as sullen as possible.

Maru chuckled again, then leaned down to place a soft kiss on Subaru’s pout. Shota followed, and the three shared a dancing kiss, constantly switching focus so that no one was left out for any longer than a few seconds. Soon Ryuhei appeared to tire of this, and moved down to dot feather light kisses along the singer’s delicate throat. Again, Shota followed, and soon their lips were leapfrogging down Subaru’s body, propagating bliss along every nerve they touched.

Once again Subaru found himself unable to control his moaning as his engorged cock received some direly needed attention. The pair ensconced his member, treating it from either side with sloppy kisses, as though it was now his cock, and not his tongue, that was third party to their kiss. Subaru wasn’t sure if it was the visual or the feeling that aroused him more. He groaned loudly anyway, trying desperately not to thrust against the eager mouths, but meeting no resistance when he did.

Understandably, he did not last long. His vision swam as his climax hit, hard and fast but deliciously slow somehow. Resolving paradoxes while everything inside his skin felt like warm fluid was not one of his strong suits. Gradually his vision cleared, revealing the faces of his two smiling best friends, cheeks streaked with saliva and splattered with cum and oh shit Subaru was getting hard again already.

“Now we were thinking we’d all have some fun.” Shota explained, tucking pillows behind Subaru to make sure he was comfortable. Though, boneless as he was, it was a little hard to tell. And maybe not completely boneless...

Ryuhei bent over the side of the bed, sitting up again a moment later with his tub of lube in hand. Subaru smiled placidly as his legs were crooked up and apart, another pillow found to go under his rump and raise it to a better working height. Soon the bassist had two practiced, calloused fingers pumping in and out of the singer, stretching his delicate hole as wide as he could so it would hurt less later. Shota straddled Subaru then, offering his own sphincter to the same treatment, and leaning slightly to the side so as not to obscure his two friends’ view of each other.

It turned Subaru on immensely to know that Maru was inside both he and Shota, fingers working exactly the same magic to both of them. There was something special about Ryuhei’s lubricant too. Subaru could never remember what it was – too many syllables – but it always made him feel almost on the verge of tipsy; that wonderful lightness where everything is in clear focus and suddenly the universe makes sense beneath your floating feet.

The preparation was complete, and Ryuhei withdrew his fingers to leave a cool emptiness inside him, waiting to be filled. The thought that this might all be planned skittered past his mind, but darted off before he could grasp it fully. Suddenly, in one perfectly orchestrated move, Ryuhei was inside him and he inside Shota. The physical shock was just enough to ward off the orgasm that blossomed in his mind at the sensation.

Subaru felt like he was drifting in and out of consciousness. The truth was closer to him opening and closing his eyes, causing sporadic darkness. Whenever the darkness lifted, he saw his two best friends, joined to him so intimately and perfectly, and he let out another loud moan of ineloquent joy. Maru and Shota were kissing again, beautifully toned bodies twisting and straining to accommodate the awkward angle.

The rest of the scene continued in a rich blur. Subaru heard his own moans as he tested the limits of his voice in describing his pleasure. Yasu grunted and gasped, struggling for some sort of control as the force of two men drove into him from behind, and as his own body betrayed him and weakened, crippling him with pleasure. Ryuhei made those funny little clucking noises, then stopped, then started, on and off, until finally his climax took him with a surprised yell.

The tangled mass of boys lay still for several minutes, motionless but for the heaving of exhausted chests. In an act that required full concentration, Ryuhei reached up with a shaking hand and unfastened Subaru’s handcuffs. Subaru gave him a slight nod of thanks. Ryuhei smiled back, and, gathering his breath, asked;

“Was it worth the drive?”

If Subaru had had the strength he would have taken them both again there.


[User Picture]From: winged_kame
2007-11-16 03:55 am (UTC)
hot as usual ^__^
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[User Picture]From: vishywishylvr
2007-11-16 04:08 am (UTC)
Love =B
I needed this <33
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[User Picture]From: whited_79
2007-11-16 07:19 am (UTC)
oh my God you! oh my God! damn this is hot! *been missing you* damn!
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